Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Andy Dulin Gets the Idiot Tweet of the Week Award

Leave it to Charlotte City Council Member Andy Dulin to turn the mundane task of cooking pork chops into a laugh of course he has not a clue.

@adulin - "Cathy has these really gd Pork Chops (the other white meat) that I am putting on the grill. Smoking a Montecristo in my gardnen & grillin:)"


Anonymous said...

What a pretentious idiot, seriously!

And who actually FOLLOWS Andy Dulin on Twitter? You have to have no life at all to follow him.

Billy Fehr said...

My Friend Jurgen Kirby may have sold this Dude's wife the GREAT pork chops earlier that day at the Health Food Store. I wonder if his tummy was upset after consuming that, that stands in shit all day plus with a tobacco sausage in between his lips? Anyways, the synchro's powers are infinite. Why do all of those who comment here except the QC, JAT and it seems like myself do it so anonymously?

wv: no joke, lastali that I am taking as last ally.