Monday, June 14, 2010

Priceless Tweet of the Week!

Leave it to CN2's @kokomodianne aka Dianne Gallagher to offer up the following "tweet" giving insight to what some of us have already noticed: "Received bridesmaid dress. Ordered 5 sizes too big to fit bust. Falling off me. Alterations may cost more than the already expensive dress"


Anonymous said...

Funny you would spot that tweet from @kokomodianne.

I'm always surprised at some of the totally stupid things she says.

So 5 sizes too big, so she's like what a zero and orders a 5?

I wonder if she know how dumb she comes across as?

Anonymous said...

That comment actually comes across as dumb, You obviously have never ordered a formal dress. Women have to order size accordin to measurements. Meaning if you have very large breasts or a thick stomach or whatever, the dress won't actually fit the person until it is altered by a tailor. and if she is a size zero then 5 sizes too big would be a size 10. common problem for any woman when it comes to bridesmaids dresses. if anything the girl is just drawing attention to the fact she has big boobs.