Thursday, July 15, 2010

Andrew Murray Called to Active Duty

The Charlotte Observer and other sources are reporting:

Republican Andrew Murray is taking a 60-day break from his campaign for Mecklenburg County district attorney.

On Thursday, Murray got involuntary orders to go on active duty with the US Coast Guard. He’s expected to go to New Orleans to assist in efforts to deal with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

A Commander with 29 years in the Coast Guard Reserves, Murray is scheduled to begin active duty July 26 and serve for 60 days. He returns Sept. 24, just over five weeks before the election.

“While the timing is less than perfect, it is always an honor to serve my country in times of need and I gladly accept the challenges that come with this assignment,” Murray said in a statement. “It is this sense of duty and responsibility that I hope to take into the district attorney’s office if elected.”

Murray faces Democrat Michael Barnes in November.

Andrew Murray for Mecklenburg County District Attorney


Anonymous said...

No Better Man for either job! Go Git Em Andy!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if he had a choice? Easy way out of any debate and you can't attack him for going it would mean defeat. I would expect if elected he would resign his commision.

Anonymous said...

I worked for Andy at Sector Charleston he was a true no nonsense guy, but one who always listened to those on the front lines. He'll meet a great DA!

ThaQueenCity said...

GO ANDREW! He definitely has my vote and thousands more!

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the news that ken miller is in the final two for Greensboro.....he'll never make chief in Charlotte, so he better grab it while he can.

I hear mostly negative things about him, he leads by staying under the radar, which is really not leading at all.

I've heard his ego is huge, too, and no humility, just hubris.

So, it would be good for CMPD, maybe not so much for Greensboro.

(Maybe he will take his boy, RG, with him? Would be another plus, from what I hear!)