Friday, July 23, 2010

Charleston Cycling Advocate Dies from Injuries

According to the Charleston Post and Courier:

Edwin Gardner, a bicycling advocate who was hurt in a wreck this week, has died, according to the Charleston County coroner’s office.

Gardner died at 11:20 a.m. at Medical University Hospital from injuries sustained when his bicycle collided with a Jeep Cherokee Wednesday morning, Charleston County Deputy Coroner Dottie Lindsay said.

The original report of the accident is here.

Cedar Posts: I didn't personally know Edwin Gardner, though we traded emails and posted comments in a point counter point fashion regarding cycling in Charleston many times over the last couple of years.

I would often see Edwin gliding along with traffic while on my way to work at the Charleston City Marina. I was always amazed at how effortlessly he made cycling seem.

Ed is one of many people who I'd guess would have been a good friend to have. I'm surprised at his death, as the last I heard was he was improving and the outlook for recovery was good but guarded.

He will be missed by the many who knew him and those who didn't will have missed a chance at knowing someone special.

The story by The Post and Courier regarding his death is here.


Anonymous said...

In most states, maybe all, "Right Of Way" is stated in the laws. First "Right" is given to pedestrians. Second is bicycles. Third is motor vehicles. Exceptions are stated and very specific, primarily that pedestrians and bicycles are generally not permitted on most freeways. For specifics, best check out local and state statutes, but that is the usual universal rule.

A bicycle is small and slow but just fast enough to keep catching a car in a lot of traffic situations and that becomes dangerous for both the car and the bicycle. Primary responsibility for avoiding collision is on the car, anyway.

I read the accident report. There is no doubt in my mind that the Jeep driver was young (21?) and impatient. He tried to pass the bicycle in a turn and in difficult road conditions. My call is Reckless Driving, Failure To Yield Right Of Way, Involuntary Manslaughter. All of these.

The write-off of the incident in the traffic report is just another inditement IMO of the Charlotte PD.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me: In the posted comment, Charleston PD, not Charlotte.

Maybe there will be a review and appropriate charges filed?

Time may tell.

Anonymous said...

The information given indicates the Jeep improperly passed.

The Jeep did not do it safely. The lane belonged to the bike and if it was during or right after the turn it only proves the ignorance of the driver.

For all those others reading this, give a friendly toot of the horn. A quick double tap to let us know you are intending to pass.

I'm sorry for the loss to bicycling.