Friday, July 23, 2010

Turner Gets Zapped!

Kevin Siers cartoon suggests that divine intervention will be the cause of Warren Turner's ultimate dismissal from his job as Charlotte City Council member.

Mr. Turner's dismissal from his job as a state probation officer was considerably less dramatic.

While Mr. Turner was in clear violation of directives most recently issued to him, it seems odd that after years of service the last of many while he was a city council member that his work ethics would suddenly become an issue.

It would appear that his actions as Charlotte City Council member and the suspicion of sexual harassment caused enough concern at the DOC that they simply created a reason to terminate his employment.

It's too bad that Andy Dulin and his "wild and crazy" council buddy Warren Cooksey didn't have the back bone to stand up and censure Mr. Turner when they had the chance.

You can read Jeff Taylor's take on the firing of Warren Turner here, and the letter spelling out Turner's misdeeds at the DOC courtesy of the Charlotte Observer is here.

Cedar Posts Extra Take Away: Did you notice how quickly the DOC released the personel information on Warren Turner? Why didn't CMPD do the same with regards to Marcus Jackson?

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JAT said...

That letter is quite stunning.