Sunday, July 18, 2010

CMPD Officer Accidental Discharge Update

This updates and corrects a story posted last week titled "CMPD Officer Shoots Ground Claims Ground Made a Sudden Move".

Seems the CMPD staff are keeping the whole thing on the "down low", but the word is that officer Sean Parker didn't report that he accidentally discharged his weapon. Parker is on a paid leave while the incident is being reviewed.

Sean Parker is a training officer and had a rookie with him, neither said anything. When Parker was questioned he apparently admitted that he may have fired a shot but added that he wasn't entirely sure. But according police sources Parker's weapon was discovered to be one bullet short which prompted a GSR test.

Results of the GSR test are not known. The rookie was also one bullet short or didn't have a round in the chamber.

The confusion and misstatements from CMPD spokesman Robert Fey may have been in part due to radio traffic Fey overheard. At the scene Parker's sergeant heard the gunshot, since neither Parker or the rookie radioed that they had fired the shot, the sergeant reported to dispatch via his radio, that the suspect had fired at officers.

If Cedar Posts memory serves well it was only a few months ago that a round was accidentally discharged in property control, when an officer turned in an older weapon thinking he had cleared it, but opps..... thankfully the only casualty was a taxpayer owned block wall.

With all the "New Blue" out there things are bound to get a little crazy.

Speaking of crazy seems a long term female CMPD civilian employee was recently arrested at Walmart for shop lifting. But don't look for her in the weekly mug shots word is she was only given a citation for unlawful concealment.


The General said...

It will be interesting to see if anyone posts rumor control or facts for this one. Under the circumstances if you have an accidental discharge just report it. More training on how to keep your finger off the trigger would be required Im sure..Who knows what they are thinking down there.

JAT said...

What is the received training state-of-the-art now on when to release the safety on a weapon? I do not know.

Is it before an officer draws or after?

I DO know well that the words of old grizzled vets still echo: Going from revolvers to automatics is not worth the potential increase in ADs, that if you ever have to fire more than 3 rounds, something is bad, bad wrong.

Anonymous said...

If the higher ups can get away with covering things up, then why wouldn't the lower ones try the same thing, Lead by example. Amazing that the bad apples in the barrel ruins the entire good apples left in the barrel to deal with their spoils

Anonymous said...

Do they even have "safeties"?

I have heard that rodney is on yet ANOTHER "vacation"....okay, boondoggle.....must be nice to have so much "vacation" time, huh?

Maybe they need to reinstate all of the extra training they did away with when rodney arrived.

Morale continues to be in the dumper, rodney continues to make bad decisions, sycophants continue to smooch.

From what I am told, people will be SO GLAD when rodney is finally exposed for the corrupt, not very bright individual he is.

I, for one, can't wait to see the rats run for cover when rodney leaves, and leaves them in the lurch.

And where is Rob Tufano? You don't see or hear from him much anymore at all. And rodney has become adept at staying beneath the radar...but his ego must be SCREAMING!!

You're right, rodney is leading by example, and if he gets away with lying consistently, why shouldn't his subordinates think they can do the same thing??

Everything I am told about him, he is truly a tool.

Someone told me recently that back a few months ago at the CMPD "picnic", he had bermuda shorts on, and actually had them monogrammed on the pocket....puleeze, I mean, really,what a poser....pretentious. Who does that??

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the news that ken miller is in the final two for Greensboro.....he'll never make chief in Charlotte, so he better grab it while he can.

I hear mostly negative things about him, he leads by staying under the radar, which is really not leading at all.

I've heard his ego is huge, too, and no humility, just hubris.

So, it would be good for CMPD, maybe not so much for Greensboro.

(Maybe he will take his boy, RG, with him? Would be another plus, from what I hear!)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Miller will get the job..

I googled the woman he is in the finals with, and it is bizarre.

Seems she was asked to resign from, it looks like, TWO different chief jobs?

She was placed on administrative leave and asked to resign, or be fired.

Couldn't find any reasons or explanations.

She would be a PERFECT fit for Charlotte, don't you think?Curt Walton would LOVE her!!

So, if he can't get the job over her, he should just give it up!