Monday, July 19, 2010

Unexpected Success of Charlotte's New Roll-Out Re-Cycle Bins Will Cost Taxpayers More!

Cedar Posts hates to admit it but I have some trashy friends. They work in garbage for the City of Charlotte and if what they say is true we are in for the "shocker"!

Seems that Charlotte is going all in by joining the "re-cycling" craze and it looks like everyone is getting into the idea of re-cycling.

Which should be good news but, hold on. More is not necessarily better.

Turns out the projections were way off, and Charlotte's citizens are loading up the new bins at nearly double the projected rates. Could it be that the size of the old bins caused people to be less enviromentaly aware? Apparently so, which means more, much more than the expected amount of re-cycled material that now needs to be processed.

Of course Charlotte's contract is based on volume, so was the projected savings to taxpayers. Remember the formula was less pickups equal savings.

While re-cycling everything but the kitchen sink is good for the environment it completely blows the projections off the excel spread sheet.

Unless the volume starts to ease we are in for another mystery fee added to our tax bill. Until then don't be surprised if your re-cycled Deerpark water bottle goes straight to the landfill.

PS. Don't forget about the coming revaluation early next year. UGH!


Anonymous said...

And why I'm I not surprised?

JAT said...

I told everyone this was coming. That the "improved" program would be used to cover a fee hike, much like when the cable company adds one channel, drops two and calls it an "enhancement."

Curt Walton and his six-figure pals know they cannot be touched.

Anonymous said...

wonder who is putting that extra money in their pocket??

Anonymous said...

Just like when voluntary water conservation and mandatory no watering saved so much water rates had to be raised to cover the revenue loss

Anonymous said...

JAT is dead on this was bound to happen and we should have expected this "improved" program is going to cost us. The savings BS was just that total BS, just wish CP would post that photo of the mayor proudly standing next to his future.

Anonymous said...

Does this surprise anyone?

Charlotte has become/is becoming like old time Chicago....with the Curt Walton "mafia" running the city.

He is a pencil pushing little wanker that has WAY too much control over the future of Charlotte with virtually no oversight.

Can he be fired? Sure, but no one has the balls to do it.

Same with rodney, same with turner, and the list goes on.

Back scratching and corruption seem to be the names of the games in Charlotte "government".

Anonymous said...

While I agree that this could be a bad deal, let's wait and see how much recycling is done for the next month. You have to remember that these bigger trash cans were at residence for over a month. I know I just threw all mine in and waiting until the big ones were picked up.