Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recycling Good / City Roll Out Program Not So Good

Confusion, about the city's latest big brother project ruled the talk radio airwaves yesterday and even Tommy Tomlinson's column this morning, you can read Tommy's take on the fiasco here.

The entire operation is a perfect example of how not to run a city county government.

The biggest cause of the confusion was the calender which has been sent out at least twice fails to tell which color zone your home is located.

The calendar was supposed to be color coded, orange or green, but apparently the printer misplaced the green/orange square which made the calendar useless. The City of Charlotte would have done better by mailing out the Charlotte Knights Baseball schedule. Have a look at the still confusing calendar here.

Cedar Posts answer, hire a really cute spokesperson and keep the message simple:

More Cedar Posts on Charlotte Recycling here.

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decay said...

not confusing at all. people just don't read or follow directions. My calendar was shipped with a letter which told me my color. You're supposed to hand write your color on the calendar in the blanks space provided...again, written on the letter. I was even drunk when i opened my mail, read the letter and wrote down my color. Everyone on my street got it wrong but me. Not saying I'm a genius, but most people are morons.