Thursday, July 8, 2010

Richmond VA Still Yucking It Up Over Monroe

You probably missed it but the Richmond Times Dispatch is still having a good old laugh at Charlotte's expense. Seems the newspaper in Chief Monroe's most recent past continues track their former investigative target, getting in jabs whenever possible. The most recent little burp is right here.

Cedar Posts has noticed the spike in homicides this year. We know all too well the Chief's reply to questions about his crime statistics and his calculations.

"Where am I hiding the bodies" We have to admit the chief was righ,t it is really hard to hide all those bodies. Good thing Charlotte has some of the best trauma teams in the country or that number would be much higher.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Richmond just thanks their lucky stars every day that rodney is in Charlotte.

Reached his level of incompetence a LONG time ago....he is a real poser.

Loves to "hob-nob" with the "rich and famous", thinks he is one of them!

He is a joke.