Sunday, August 22, 2010

Three Murders in Less Than 36 Hours

In Charlotte another fight, another homicide, this time a stabbing over drugs. News Channel 14 has the story here.

The killers in this case will surprise you, say hello to 18 year old Jonathan Fitzgerald and his partner in crime 17 year old Danielle Holmes.

You know their parents never saw this one coming.

In the first murder on Saturday CMPD officers arrested Vernon Davis, and charged him with murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Davis priors paint a nice picture, his prior arrests include charges for assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a female, resisting arrest, hit and run and numerous drug charges.

Which makes you wonder why was this violent person was even on the streets.

His sentence the last time he shot someone? 60 Days! WFT!


Anonymous said...

Momma's boy

Anonymous said...

...But he was always good to his Momma.

Anonymous said...

Nice Killer Babies Holmes and Fitzgearld are hope they get the needle just like the brother will.

JAT said...

Holmes and Fitzgerald remind me of that deal several months back where some trailer trash rented a room at the Westin and resolved to rob the drug dealer they called to the parking deck.

Anonymous said...

What Holmes has to say about Fitzgearld

"right now, i'm the happiest person you'll ever meet because of jonathan tyler fitzgerald:) i love you baby boy"

Bet the little slut is happy now!