Sunday, August 22, 2010

Punks Next Door

West and East Charlotte, have an unfair share of crime, while in South Charlotte most of the crimes go unreported by the news media since most crimes are petty and nearly all go unsolved.

But some crimes are just so down right disgusting and without reason, that we need to call the crooks out.

Imagine you are sound asleep and it is well after 3 am when someone is ringing your doorbell. The neighborhood is Piper Glen and people don't normally ring door bells at 3 am here. After another 1/2 dozen rings, there is someone pounding your front door and flashlights are shinning in the windows. Yep it's the Cops.

If you are a parent like Cedar Posts by now you are having heart failure, expecting that your son or daughter has been involved in a fatal car accident.

When you open the door the officers inform you that they are looking for two young men ages 20 to 23 years old who gave the cab driver in the driveway your address. As soon as the cab pulled up, the two punks inside bolted from the cab and ran towards your house without paying.

You explain that your kids are grown and live out of state. Among the blue lights you can pick out the cab driver still waiting to be paid.

The cops go door to door waking up other neighbors not accepting that the whole thing is a ruse, and that the little pukes have fled and are surely miles away by now. For the next 45 minutes they forget common sense and pound on one door after the other.

The victims are of course the cab driver who is on the hook for the fare to the owner of the cab company and the neighbors who have been put through hell having a good nights sleep interrupted.

I'm sure the two jerks thought it was funny to grab a cab from uptown and leave the driver standing in front of a house they picked at random.

Never mind that the cabbie could have handled ten fares during the time it took to get all the way out to Piper Glen and the far reaches of I-485 from uptown. It's a dangerous enough job as it is without people robbing you of your fare.

To the punks who think they are smart guys. News flash you two are couple of total losers no better than the pond scum who are crack heads in West Charlotte except they were raised in poverty and you a life of never knowing what it's like to do without.

To me that makes you worse, for you there is no excuse.

That's ok I'll pay your cab fare, just for the right to get your happy little asses into court and stick your parents with a couple of 5 figure legal bills.

Someone knows who you two jerks are and I'd suspect that your parents know as well. And they like many absent minded parents brush it off and overlook your behavior by saying you two are just being boys.

But someone will talk, someone will spill and you'll be sitting in a cell with the rest of Charlotte's scum and Cedar Posts will be happy to post your mug shots.

Cedar Posts suspects these two are also responsible for countless acts of vandalism in the area, as well as the recent car breakings in the Stonecrest Shopping Center at the Regal Cinemas.


JAT said...

Couple things.

Try to get someone with some sense at CMPD to tell you if this sort of thing has happened before. Judging from the near nuclear reaction, it has.

Second, at least one of the two lives within walking distance of your house, probably in a different subdivision across a cul-de-sac or fairway. In fact, they are probably golfers who know the paths and shortcuts of the area.

With Goggle maps you could probably come up with some good ideas of where to find them.

Anonymous said...

They are obligated to knock and ask. You don't know until you do. Cops are not chasing rocket scientists.

Don't over think it.

If they are riding a cab, they are probably walking, riding a bike or skateboard.

Start calling 911 on those and you will increase the presence of police.

They have no idea who belongs and who does not.

They will be caught with weed or something else. The world is round and karma is a bitch.

Tell your neighbors to do the same.

Anonymous said...

These punks made a big mistake, because now there is a witness. Someone who can tell cops who there are looking for, a description that will tie much of the Piper Glen and Stonecrest crimes together.

Hope they nail them for everything.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Cedar. You used to be such a public Badge Sniffer. Now you're calling cops names for just doing their job. What happened, bro?

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice that Cedar was calling any officers names.

IMO Good police work means thinking outside the box. In this case, anyone leaving the neighbor hood should have been questioned. It's a one way in and one way out.

My money is they drove out as the police were coming in.