Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Changes Her Mind


Anonymous said...


ThaQueenCity said...

Glad she is staying! And I would have known nothing about her had you not posted her "I'm Leaving" Cedar! Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar, it's 2012, what happened to Alison? :-) Thanks!

Cedar Posts said...

Ha! Glad you asked!

We chatted a good bit last summer. She feared her crazy story made her look somewhat unstable.

Since she was in the process of looking for a job, we thought it would be better if we took down the story.

So instead you get the crazy dog when you google her.

I haven't heard from her since before Christmas. I assume she is doing well.

I hated to take down the story because the whole thing was really cute.

But I do know she has freelanced for the Observer a couple of times.

I would expect she's "hooked up" with a nice guy who makes her heart sing. At least I would hope.