Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alvin Greene comes to Charlotte Thanks to WBT's Keith Larsen

According to the Charlotte Observer:

WBT radio has hired a limousine to bring Greene to and from his home in Manning, S.C., for an appearance on Keith Larson’s morning show.

Greene, the unemployed veteran whose upset win in the Democratic primary became a national story, has talked with Larson several times on air. But this will be his first appearance in person.

The candidate apparently plans to spend the afternoon with Larson, though doing what neither will say.

“I’m not able to speak to that,” Larson said Friday.

Cedar Posts is voting for Alvin Greene!

And you should too!

It's your chance to stick it to the establishment!

Vote for an American Idiot!

Remember the 60's when you wanted to stick it to the man? Well here's your chance!

Remember the 70's when you could have voted for Jimmy Carter? Well here's your chance!

Remember Dukakis, Mondale and Gore who lost because you voted for the better informed and alleged smarter candidate and look where it got us!

This is your chance to do the right thing VOTE for an American Idiot!

As far as Larsen he's pretty much pond scum, bringing Greene here to Charlotte solely for the purpose of belittling him.

Greene is Steinbeck's Lenny (Of Mice and Men) anyone who would crawl out from under their rock just to mock someone who is clearly intellectually challenged, only to build ratings and draw in listeners needs a swift boot up the caboose.

A vote for Greene is a vote for every "challenged" person who has ever been wronged in the world.

Vote for an American Idiot!

Vote for Alvin Greene!

Even Charlotte City Council Member Andy Dulin has an Alvin Greene for Senate bumper sticker! Come on join the fun support ALVIN GREENE!


Anonymous said...

Larsen is a "D" Bag. His listeners are tools who due to their small live enjoy hearing him put down guests and callers alike.

If I lived in SC I'd vote gor Greene just to stick it to the republicans and the democrats at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Are you CRAZY? The man is a moron!

Anonymous said...

Been there done this, Cedar.

Bush "serviced" us for 8 LONG years.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, why are you so mean?

Anonymous said...

You've hit the nail square on the head.

That makes two days in a row I've enjoyed and appreciated your posts, Cedar.

What's wrong with me?

Cedar Posts said...

Should Alvin Greene get the most votes which I think would be a hoot, there is very little chance he would be sworn in as a US Senator. So everyone relax.

DeMint is a life long political wind bag and it's time for him to go and what better way than with a "fun vote" for Alvin Greene.

Let's elect Alvin Greene and then the democrats can "appoint" whoever they like.

Peace Out!


JAT said...

Alvin Green is nothing more than a modern American politician stripped of all the staff and puffery which normally keeps the public from seeing them as they truly are.