Monday, August 2, 2010

Clinton Wedding

The wedding of the decade, America's new "Royals", Top Secret Wedding Plans, Hollywood A Lister's on the Invitation List and the insanity goes on and on.....


File this under Cedar's Rant against insane weddings. First to all brides to be the cost of your wedding is not a status symbol. It makes you look like a Diva and your parents stupid!

Honestly would the world ever give this couple any notice, had Chelsea been the daughter of "Joe the Plumber"? Of course not.

All the press about the cost of the wedding is maddening. Why do we go crazy over a wedding? Why all the excitement about a wedding where everyone swears in front of God to support the couple in their vows only to become "siders" a year from now, telling the groom you should dump her, she's killing you with her neediness?

Why is it that my grandparents had a 70th anniversary and we spent 100 dollars on a cake, while my neighbor's wedding cost at least 50k and ended with 3 kids who are now fatherless because the lawyers and haters got involved after the husband screwed up.

Just all kinds of wrong if you ask me.

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