Monday, August 2, 2010

CMPD's New and Improved Web Site Missing Key Links

The "New and Improved" CMPD web site is up and running with a nice new photo of the CMPD helo heading for Downtown, Center City, Uptown whatever we call it.

Trouble is the links to just about everything of interest are gone. Most notably the "Significant Event Log" and "911 call" links are MIA.

So until the CMPD techies get their collective act together here are the links:

The Significant Event Log is here

911 Calls for Service is here.

Traffic Accidents are here.

Once again providing substance to my claim that "New and Improved is not necessarily better"!


Billy Fehr said...

'We' call it the Jar here at the CMA.

Anonymous said...

Check out the "news" page. No content, just a big ol' photo of Monroe. What the...?!$%

Anonymous said...

The Significant Event Log still doesn't come up, even when clicking on your link. Am I missing something or did they just take it down completely?

Cedar Posts said...

The Significant Event Log is now gone. No answers from CMPD.

Anonymous said...

It has been removed from the web page as it is being moved to the city web servers. Still, there will be no public information given supposedly it will be filtered by one of the public information officers and then released sometime in the morning for those to read. Sounds a little paranoid if you ask me.

ThaQueenCity said...

Everything Monroe does is based on "self" and "paranoia" .... WHEN will he be GONE is what I want to know????

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the Significant Log lasted as long as it did.

The only time that the public will find out what really is going on with rodney's regime is when rodney is gone.

Transparency is NOT what rodney is all about.....COVERUP is what rodney's regime is all about.

When he goes the crap will hit the fan as that is when the truth will come out.


Come on Cedar, do a little digging and let us know!

One thing rodney has learned since being in Charlotte, how to keep his head down and cover things up.

When will he hold a press conference and answer UNSCRIPTED QUESTIONS? Never.

Anonymous said...

CP we need people to bombard Council members with emails or calls about CMPD taking the Significant Event Log away.

To me, it's equivalent to the Sheriff taking down the arrest page!

Anonymous said...

From what I am told, rodney has never liked the Significant Event Log being online.

The "redesign" of the Web Site was the perfect way to do away with it....
just say that there are "problems" with it that they are "trying to work out"....and never "work the problems out" and hope people will forget about it.

rodney is a sly one....he catches on quickly on how to stay beneath the radar.

The less the public knows, the easier it is to con them and feed them misinformation.

The sad thing, he keeps getting away with his slimy behaviors.

I think people are just so discouraged and disheartened, they don't have the energy to fight it, or the belief that anyone cares how morally corrupt rodney is.

I heard he is on "vacation" again....wonder where to this time and if the city is footing the bill?

Is there any way to find out exactly how many vacation days he has had since coming to Charlotte, it would be interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

This is pure, unmitigated Bullshit.

And so it goes with rodney, more cover ups and no transparency.

Where is the protest over this???

I suppose anyone that tries to give the unvarnished Significant Event Log to the public will be sent to third shift or the WC's Office.

Anonymous said...

And another thing.........does anyone know exactly how many homicide scenes rodney has been to??

Remember when he got to Charlotte, and he said he would be AT EVERY SINGLE HOMICIDE SCENE??? Everyone remember that??

Yeah, right, just another one of his "misrepresentations" .

Add this to the list of things he has lied about.

He is something else.......he can't leave soon enough. said...

The Significant Event Log was removed when some of us questioned the legitimacy of the monthly crime stats. They did not jive one bit! I've asked Fey, Harrington & Tufano for comment and each one has ignored my email requests for well over one year.