Sunday, August 8, 2010

CMPD Show of Force or Turkey Shoot?

The Wild West came to East Charlotte last Thursday when CMPD officers responded to a call from a women's boyfriend who was concerned that the women's son was drunk and walking around her house with a shotgun.

When the dust settled 25 year old Cody Richmond was in custody and his mother's house in shambles.

According to several media reports the trouble began around 11:30 p.m., when a man called 911 and hung up. When dispatchers called back, Richmond's mother answered the phone and told them that her son was drunk and upset but that she would take care of things and then she hung up.

Fearing an escalating situation dispatchers sent police.

When officers arrived, Richmond's mother told the officers that she was trying to "defuse" the situation. But as she was talking to them, Richmond fired a shot into a backyard shed.

That's when police locked her in the back of a police car, and called in the SWAT team.

But before the SWAT team arrived, officers reacted to additional gun fire. In all police say Richmond fired 30 times at officers with a 12 gauge shot gun and officers fired back about 60 times.

It is unclear if Richmond was actually targeting police or just firing randomly. Neighbor's report that the house is substantially damaged with much of the damage from shotgun blasts.

But Police said their actions were justified.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Spokesman Rob Tufano said, "Richmond could have very easily killed a police officer or an innocent neighbor when he decided to fire 30 rounds in his drunken rage."

Without a doubt a drunk with a gun is a danger to everyone nearby.

But why did CMPD officers fire their weapons 60 or more times? High powered bullets zipping though the neighborhood have a much greater range than 30 rounds of bird shot. Seems pretty heavy handed if you ask Cedar Posts.

The bigger question is what if anything were they shooting at? The shooter? And after 60 shots the guy was still standing? Anyone crazy enough to shoot at police is a major threat and wouldn't think twice about killing someone and should be taken out.

I thought the idea of SWAT was to contain and if necessary eliminate the threat?

One shot one kill? I'd think 60 bullets without a clear target is pretty out of control.


Anonymous said...

Are you really serious???

Anonymous said...

OMG, speculate with at least some knowledge.

Stick to "Hottie of the Week" seem to have more knowledge on that subject.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some officers need to go back to the range. But we all know what was going on, Richmond fired 3 or four shots and police sent another volley at the house.

There was no target on either side just a bunch of idiots shooting guns.

Anonymous said...

CP, you're about one of the most ignorant people I've ever heard. Get your facts right before you start Monday Morning Quarterbacking police actions. Richmond was shooting buckshot (not bird shot) and slugs at officers, all the while daring officers to come get him. He was using his brick house and fence for cover when fire was returned towards him, which would make for a pretty hard shot when you're under stress and your only target is the size of a softball. But unless you've trained for or been in that situation, you wouldn't know how stress affects your normal shots. So, until you learn to get it right- which will likely never happen- be thankful that the drunken maniac didn't get lucky with a shot and kill an officer or officers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:46 From what I've heard there are no reports of "slugs" or buckshot" being fired. Even so the range of a 12 Gauge is pretty short.

Are you saying CMPD officers were using suppressive fire to keep the subject from fleeing?

Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that CMPD officers are prohibited from using suppressive fire due to the danger of hitting bystanders.

Anonymous said...

Stupid Cops just wanted to shoot up the house. Or maybe they were just pissing in their pants and couldn't stop shooting? Either way what a bunch of amateurs!

Anonymous said...

Actually 7:46 is right. They were buckshot and slugs and not birdshot. A slug can go a long way and so can buckshot.

No, CMPD was not using suppressive fire and was trying to hit the suspect. I'm not sure who all fired, but I know it was patrol and SWAT officers.

Stress and adrenaline can make an otherwise great shooter miss his target. No matter how much training you have, unless you're put in a situation where you are taking fire, there is no way to train for it.

And for 8:37.... they were there, you weren't. I have more respect for the cop who's scared but stands his ground and still does his job than someone sitting at home watching the news monday morning quarterbacking something they know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Turkey Shoot LMAO!

They should have shot the turkey!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte LE just wants a taste of blood. All these new guys just want to get some.

All sounds like fun until you see a guy go down, take his last breath and shit on to the pavement as his bowels give it up.

Keep up the good work boyz one of these days you'll hit something.

JAT said...

To all the brave Anons bristling at anyone questioning CMPD's performance:

Recall that when we had that AD incident Uptown a few weeks back, I mentioned that one grizzled beat-cop I knew had long ago lamented the move to high capacity semis for both the increased risk of ADs and the message it would send about marksmanship.

Guys walking around with -- what? 30 or 40 rounds on their belts? -- are going to use them when they get jacked up, especially if they haven't spent enough time on the range which -- again recall the little Steele Creek paintball escapade -- may well have been the case.

To top it off, WSOC reported that a couple of kids were hiding the basement across the street while CMPD yahoos cut loose with 60 rounds of high-velocity lethality. How many rounds of tear gas were used? Did they try to flash bang the dumb bastard? Does CMPD SWAT not have a sniper who can put rounds on target?

It is not Monday morning quarterbacking -- it is common sense. And innocent lives.

Anonymous said...


Why comment on something you obviously have zero experience in? They were already in the middle of the gun fight before SWAT even got there. IF there were kids in the basement across the street, as I'm "SURE" WSOC got it right, the officers' shots were on target; the suspect just had really good cover. I seriously doubt that the officers were running around cranking off rounds into the air just for the fun of it. They are trained and know that they are responsible for every round that they fire. By the time SWAT was finally there and in place, it was pretty much over.
And yes it is Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Common sense would tell you that you weren't there, and obviously don't know the exact circumstances to make an educated comment.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I'll tell you it was just complete pandemonium.

The guy was just poping off shots from around every corner. The cops radios had people talking all over each other and they were yelling at everyone to stay inside.

There was nothing but dark and yelling and then pop pop pop and then BANG BANG and more pop pop. No one was in charge people yelling and then silence and it start all over again.

At first I thought they got the guy some cops was screaming I got em I got em and then someone would fire. You really couldn't tell who was shooting. Shit was echoing all over the place.

If you ask me way too my cops made it all too confusing.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people posting anonymously are police officers and can't post under their names on this blog, as everyone knows.

If you look at it logically, 60 rounds and 8 officers is less than 8 rounds an officer. Officers are responsible for every round they fire whereas the criminals aren't. No, the officers don't want blood. Anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid and has no idea what it's like to shoot at someone or to be shot at.

You have to figure that the training the police get is if they shoot once, they shoot twice. So no, the police were not trigger happy, were not reckless, and did nothing wrong in this incident. The only person who did anything wrong was the criminal who decided to get drunk, grab a shotgun, and start shooting it indiscriminately.

Anonymous said...

Does this guy have any priors? And by the way Cedar I think your hottie this week is smoking!

Anonymous said...

Let this serve as a lesson to all.


Any moron can dial 911 and when you do you better expect the cops to show up and when they do they are going to be itching to kill somebody.

If you have a drunk in the house get rid of the guns.

If you have a boyfriend you are fighting with and the neighbors hear your screams expect the cops are going to show up with guns blazing.

RoMo plan to keep 911 calls and the crime reports down!

Anonymous said...

I read the news reports like everyone else. Ninety rounds were fired: thirty by Richmond and sixty by eight cops. That's seven to eight for each cop versus thirty for this drunken nutjob. Doesn't sound like extreme overkill to me.

I served in Iraq and I can tell you the comments by some of you "anonymous" experts are just ridiculous. They need to "go back to the range?" Ever tried to shoot at someone, in the dark and under stress, who has a bigger and more powerful weapon than yours? This turd used his house for cover, I"m not suprised it was hit.

"Amateurs"? Well, why don't you give the police your number and they'll call you to handle it next time. Easy to criticize from the safety of your livingroom.

"Stupid cops were just trying to shoot up the house?" Yeah, I read that in the news all the time, they just drive around looking for a house to shoot into.

"Charlotte LE just wants a taste of blood?" Yeah, that's why when this idiot had a moment of clarity and surrendered, the police took him into custody and made sure his injuries were treated. This, of course, was after he put their lives at risk.

I've got no respect for those of you who refuse to lace up their boots and do something and instead piss and moan how someone else isn't doing their job. If you have all the answers and, apparently, all the skills, I hear the police department is still hiring.

I'm proud of our officers and I put the responsibility for this incident and its aftermath where it belongs: this psychopathic turd and his co-dependant momma.

Anonymous said...

The blogger who says lace up your boots and do something was dead on. I know the next encounter those officers have, they will be even more prepared.
Arm quarter backers are usually the ones who believe that since they master the x box games, they wrote the book on tactics. they only get off the couch to eat or shit

Anonymous said...

Until we get a REAL Chief that cares more about our officers and we citizens more than himself this kinda shit will continue!

I am surprised and totally grateful that so many good officers are still with CMPD inspite of their lack of a trusted leader!

How much longer do we have to put up with him is what I want to know!

Anonymous said...

7:56... I understand folks still hate RoMo, but how in the hell does a drunken lunatic with a gun have the slightest thing to do with the chief??? It will continue no matter who is at the top!
And those that criticize the job of CMPD, be sure not to call them when s@&% hits the fan!!!