Friday, August 6, 2010

Brittney Cason's After Dark Blog

I don't know Brittney Cason, and I have no idea why I follow her on Twitter. Except that she's a pretty face and a 20 something local hottie who writes for Creative Loafing.

So in my desperate attempt to stay sane and in touch with my once fun nightlife that I must have left on the better side of 40 I recently clicked the follow button on her twitter page.

Brittney for all the above reasons (CL, hottie, 20 something) tweets pretty much not stop banter. Except the other day, something about "My Night Out With A Six Year Old" caught my attention and made me think, whoa, Florida teacher Debra Lafave?

Thankfully that was not the case, turns out Ms. Cason made friends with a six year old who to everyone walking by was invisible but to Ms. Cason looked completely out of place.

On Wednesday night, I left the Paul McCartney concert early to make it to the new CL soft launch party at Snug Harbor. While walking from the arena to my condo’s parking garage, I passed the EpiCentre where I saw a little kid with dread locks sitting on the wall along Trade Street by himself.

I looked at my phone (that I substitute for a watch) and saw that it was 10:45 p.m. Now, I may not be a mother, but I know that this was way past his bedtime. And that made my motherly instincts, or education degree and experience teaching elementary ed at at-risk schools rather, kick in.

And that's what made her story interesting, forget that he asked for four pieces of pepperoni pizza and a soda or that she later bought him some silly bands, some gummy worms and some chips.

The fact that she noticed and did something is what makes the story fun, because for some reason no one notices anything anymore and even if they do notice they don't do anything.

I read Ms. Cason's story to the end and then I read it again and I was pleased to see that she had received 13 comments on her story about her little adventure with the six year old. But wait, of the 13 comments 12 are SPAM! What the hell?

So do me a favor, go here and read her story then leave a real comment, because sadly there are way more hungry neglected six year olds than there are Brittney Cason's in the world.


JAT said...

Cedar, you may have missed this from last year.

Anonymous said...

What? He missed that she also went and fed the homeless too?

Anonymous said...

Cute story from Carson. Thanks for pointing it out.