Monday, August 9, 2010

East Charlotte Under Fire

The sounds of Police sirens are nothing new along Central Avenue. Gun fire in the middle of the night is as common as fireworks on the fourth of July. Welcome to East Charlotte, the once solid middle class white neighborhood has been on the decline for years.

Over the weekend CMPD responded to a number of calls regarding guns, including a one hour long shootout, a homicide and two additional shootings. In all nearly 150 rounds were fired during the period Thursday through Sunday.

What happened to Charlotte's once comfortable neighborhood?

Are Police doing enough?

Are the changes due to the massive influx of immigrants both Latin and Asian?

Is there anything that can be done or is East Charlotte the Boulvard Homes of 2010?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, Cedar, I don't know what is more evident, your ignorance or your bias.

Check violent crimes and murders in every district.....

Unless you actually know what is going on and have real time solutions, leave the "virtual" "quarterbacking" in your head.

I'm all for digging up facts, but your inside source must be on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Is Cedar bias? I'd guess so ignorant doubtful. I think this is a straight forward question what to do.

I know first hand its the low life that has moved into the area, be it Black, Mexican, white trash or zipper heads they have driven out the good people and they have turned East Charlotte into a slum.

I think it is a function of zoning, look at all the apartment complexes that were built in the early 80's.

Now they are run down and the only people who will live there are low life bottom feeders.

Anonymous said...

Drive down Eastway or Central I don't see anything reason to stop and many reasons to keep my windows rolled up.

Anonymous said...

There are many small pocket subdivisions in East Charlotte that are wonderful family neighorhoods. Unfortunately, when anyone who does not live in one of these areas hears anything on the news about "East Charlotte", they immediately brand all of East Charlotte as a hotbed of criminal activity which is simply not the case. That would be like me saying everyone who lives in South Charlotte is a snobbish yuppie.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26
Like I said, if he has a clue about what to do to "combat crime" that isn't being done, feel free to pontificate.

I would start at the top, though, as others are just following orders.

If you can catch rodney when he's not on vacation or a work related boondoggle, that is....or posing to have his photo taken with the people he relates to the most, "the rich and famous".

Anonymous said...

Looking from the outside in East Charlotte looks pretty rough. Being white and female it's not a part of Charlotte I want to live. I think the rent at places like Lake Point and the tenant mix reflect that.

The section of Charlotte from Monroe to Park Road seems to be the most normal and safe. Otherwise no me.

Billy Fehr said...

What I think Cedar is that all of this is real, no matter the opinion, it is very real and it feels like it is every time I am out in it, when I look it in the eye and in return it gives me a glimpse of our now. Thank you, thank you and John Carter.

Anonymous said...

There is so much more to East Charlotte than Eastway Drive, Central Avenue and Albemarle Road. If you don't live here and base your judgment solely on news reports or what you might see driving down a major road at 45 mph, you are truly missing out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:46 - None of us live in a bubble. My daughter-in-law and her son were mugged and shot at on Park Road. The muggers robbed and killed someone else 3 hours later.

Anonymous said...

All I heard last year was that Rodney and his disciples had the answer to the crime problem and it was well under control. What has happened? Maybe we need to beg Ken Miller to stay. He seems to have the answer according to the Greensboro media; he will tell you he does. Keep Ken send Romo to Greensboro.

Anonymous said...

A trip to WalMart of Eastway is enough for me. Freaking little Tijuana!