Monday, August 9, 2010

Where is the President for the Rest of Us?

POTUS as he's known to most the twitterverse is big on talk, impassioned speeches are his trademark. But when is enough of the partisan rhetoric, enough?

Last week President Obama was joking about "Republicans wanting to drive" his monologue got the expected round of applause from the group of gathered Democrats. Mr. Obama's contention is that "Republicans" caused the recession. Maybe so, but his further contention is that "Republicans" have caused the recession to continue.

We expect the left side and right side of congress to do a lot of finger pointing, it's in the job description. But the president is our leader not just the leader of the Democrats.

The President is supposed to be the President of all the United States so why is it that the 44th President doesn't seem to understand this? His job is to be President of all the people not just the Democrats.

But nearly every speech he gives takes another shot at the Republicans in one way or another. Nearly every speech he's talking to Democrats not Americans.

It is time that POTUS became the President for all of us, not just a Democratic leader beating the drum for the party and pushing the Democrat's agenda.


Anonymous said...

I say send Obama back to his land of origin....let him lead the Muslims since he loves and respects them more than he does America!

He is a disaster for America! I just pray we can undo all his attempts to hand over America to his buddies in 2012!

He should be on homeland security questionable terrorist list NOT in the White House!

Anonymous said...

Anon: 8:03
You truly are a %#%&#@* idiot.

His "land of origin" is AMERICA.

And you seem to be a "verbal terrorist", spreading your own particular venomous rhetoric.

You are a troll, go back under the bridge in the dark where you obviously live.

Anonymous said...

Cedar has a valid point, forget the idiots claim he's a muslim or whatever they will never get it.

But Obama always seems to be talking to only the liberals he never talks to the tax payers as a whole.

He even tried to say he suppored small business and couldn't say it without taking a shot at the republicans.

Anonymous said...

TO: 9:39 AM

So when's he gonna act like it, you know put OUR country first and NOT the mooslimes or pres's of other countries? ANY prez that would allow another "dictator" to come here and put OUR country down without adminishing him is NOT an American, all other countries most definitely would call him a traitor!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:39
I wouldn't even know where to begin with your stupid, stupid comments.

First, learn how to spell, or use spellcheck.

Your head is obviously full of Faux News, Rush and Glenn, even bigger idiots than you.

It would take way too long to list the ways Bush violated American Policy, violated the Constitution, got us into an illegal war for his own personal reasons, violated our civil rights, took this country to the very brink of total chaos and disaster, revealed a CIA operative for his own political gain, took so many shots at Democrats at EVERY opportunity they looked like Swiss cheese....

He took 77 trips to the "ranch" for a total of 490 days of vacation, INCREASED the national debt by 10.6 BILLION, we lost 4,228 men and women in Iraq, HIS war, and oh yea, visited Camp David 149 times.

Anonymous said...


Got to agree with you there, Bush was a mess, everyone knew he was screwing up the country, so you would think Osams would fix things and not make it worse.

Only an idiot would take us down the debt filled road Osama

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:08
The man has been in office 18 months for gods sake, 18 months.

And given the god awful mess he was handed, exactly what do people expect?

He brought us back from financial anarchy.

What other incoming President has been challenged with such almost insurmountable obstacles, such scattered tentacles of decisions made for only political gain?

The Bush "legacy" will be felt for generations, and it will take that long to right the ship, if it is even possible.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you know the Obamsnites are on to you!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30
"Obamsnites"? WTF is that?

It is hard to take anyone seriously that makes up words like that one....really, how old ARE you?

Argue with facts.