Monday, August 30, 2010

Fant Isolated Incident or Widespread Panic?

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officials have said they are confident Avin Fant's behavior was an isolated incident and not representative of widespread practices at CMPD.

Avin Fant was a sloppy detective not a bad cop and there is a difference.

I'd guess this is how he has worked for years, again doing good police work just not good paper work.

A lot of people will take issue and say doing the paperwork is part of the job. While true its not realistic. Just take a look at accident reports from 5 years ago. Thankfully laptops have helped.

The fact that Avin Fant was thrown under the bus by Rodney Monroe, comes as no surprise, but what is a surprise is that Fant should not have been on this case in the first place.

My grand father used to say I'll take a lazy stupid employee or an energetic smart employee any day, but God help me if I hire a energetic stupid employee.

Avin Fant was a lazy (stupid) employee and somebody dropped the ball.

Marcus Jackson was a sick puppy and somebody dropped the ball.

Brian Cloninger was rigging line ups for years and more than 70 cases were dropped as well.

Hamlett Almendarez had been a regular at Fuel Pizza and somebody dropped the ball.

Officers; Martray Proctor killed a motorist, Sean Parker discharged his weapon and then lied about it, Gerald Holas and Jason Ross received sentences of nine years for their shielding drug dealers in each of these cases somebody dropped the ball.

The reason we have a "command structure" at CMPD is to insure that this type of behavior is indeed isolated. If you have a work force of nearly 2000 you are going to have some bad apples and a bunch of lazy sloppy employees, doesn't make them all bad or lazy or sloppy.

But if it is going on with new officers like Jackson and old salts like Fant who was working the biggest case at CMPD in a decade then it's widespread!

WBTV's Sharon Smith's detailed coverage of Monday's Montgomery trial proceeding is here.


Anonymous said...

You describe Fant as lazy. You left off stupid, but I am sure it was an oversight. Then when he lied, he became a man without honor. I respect our officers, and they are underappreciated for what we ask them to do. Hey, has anyone questioned the need for disciplining supervisors for allowing this type work on the most important case of his career?

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult one of my favorite bands with Fant's name in the headline.

Anonymous said...

Rodney has so screwed up CMPD it is unbelievable.

The tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Would someone, anyone with INTEGRITY (and rank) PLEASE step up at CMPD and put an end to the absolute cluster that is now CMPD.

What is that old saying about people that stand idly by and watch corruption being as guilty as the corrupt ones??

The inmates are surely running the asylum at CMPD.

Curt Walton needs to man up and admit his mistake in hiring rodney, and not let him continue to derail CMPD and drag it into the muck and mire.

From what I am told, the lack of judgment and honesty is appalling.

Is rodney really the kind of individual that Charlotte wants running their PD???????

ThaQueenCity said...

I hear the City was VERY upset when Walton went ahead and hired Monroe! Apparently they had a LONG debate WITH Walton about ALL Rotney's past issues and were NOT happy with this question is this....

WHY DID THEY ALLOW WALTON TO GO FORWARD? Could they NOT have stopped this? ....does the City NOT have control over WHO Walton hired? I realize this is too late, but still curious....

If NOT then I think this position from this point forward SHOULD be an elected position!

Our officers deserve a GOOD, no a GREAT leader and I for one think there were people within our own Dept who WERE and ARE MUCH more qualified!