Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Odds and Ends

Cancer Survivor

My baby sister is a "cancer survivor" and it has changed her life in so many ways. Some good, some not so much and others we family members are still trying to adjust to.

The once type "A" work alcholicaic is gone, replaced by someone who still enjoys work but has made much more time for "other" things.

A few weeks ago she completed a triathlon. While in the bottom 3rd of finishers it has given her a big lift emotionally and I think she surprised herself. Of course those of us who stood on the curb and shoreline to cheer her on never doubted her.

But I think she needed to know she could do it because that term "cancer survivor" is just a little too victim like to be my baby sister, she's more of a cancer warrior!

In the Charleston harbor the other day there were warriors like my sister:

Just before dawn, a full moon reflects off the Ashley River like a searchlight. The only sound is that of rhythmic paddles pushing a sleek rowing shell as it slices through the glassy surface like a razor.

Aboard are 14 women who have stared death down like a misbehaving child, breast cancer survivors, who dig deep into the dark water with each stroke.

Welcome to Dragon Boat practice..... continue the read of Ken Burger's story of "Cancer Warriors" on the Post and Courier's web site which is here.

My Name is Hurricane Earl

One of the troubles with being a professional yacht captain is that Hurricanes tend to mess up your plans, cause you to lose sleep and keep you tethered to your computer for National Hurricane Center updates every six hours. Earl is now a Hurricane and is forecast to turn major in the next three days, before it hopefully heads north.

If if doesn't begin to turn by Wednesday all hell breaks loose in Charleston and I'm taking an unexpected trip to safer waters.


Anonymous said...

I like that, cancer warrior

Anonymous said...

Cedar it looks like Earl will pass really close to the beach. Let us know how it goes my husband and I are looking forward to spending the weekend at IOP but we don't want to die! lol