Friday, August 6, 2010

Idiot Tweet(s) of the Week!

Cedar Posts found two rather interesting tweets this week the first will remain nameless.

@AAAAAAA Just locked keys in car! No money to pay locksmith purse on counter at home good news door2/hse unlocked #notmyluckyday

I expected her next tweet to be:

@AAAAAAA Just got home and someone broke into my house and stole my purse! #mylifesucks

And Cedar's favorite Idiot Tweeter strikes again:

@ADulin: I've knocked out 400 some e-mails this am. Only 187 more to go and I'll be caught up:). Now 2 discuss BBQ choices 4 a Burr event. #USsenate

I guess I should cut Dandy Andy Dulin some slack as we know elected officals tend to embellish a little every once and awhile.

But 587 Emails Come on!


Anonymous said...

Cedar I thought you were a big GOP supporter?

Why are you always picking on Dandy Andy?

DWright1 said...

Maybe Andy is communicating with that unfortunate Nigerian chap.

Anonymous said...

Dulin is a one of the best examples of why our city is a mess. There is no leadership just a bunch of people who like to hear themselves talk.

I rest my case.

Props to Cedar Posts for calling him out on his tolal BS!