Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Odds and Ends

President Obama is a Muslim?

Let's admit that the voting public at large, the so called average person on the street is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

A recent poll conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that nearly one in five Americans (18 percent) think President Obama is a Muslim, but the number of people who say that his is a Christian has gone down sharply, from 51 percent in 2008 to 34 percent today. And 43 percent say they don't know what religion the president follows.

By the way he is a Christian.

The poll which was conducted before the recent dust up of the New York City mosque shows that either the public is really dumb or that the President is not very good and letting Americans know who he is.

The Griswold's Next Door

Every neighborhood (city) has one. You know the family down the street who have "more" than everyone else. The house with a bazillion lights at Christmas or more Tiki torches than a Survivor tribal council meeting on their deck. Charlotte's Duke Energy Center is Uptown's Griswold's family. The story in yesterday on-line Charlotte Observer received more comments than any other during the last week. Most in support of the lights but many not so much.

Office buildings with colored lights are nothing new, Jacksonville has long offered a nice distraction at night to drivers along I-95,

San Fransisco has four building illuminated at night, Dallas Texas at one time had as many as six.

Turns out that people have been shining lights on cutting edge architecture since the Pharaoh's as the photo below shows. (j/k).

What may set Charlotte apart is that the computer controlled lights are state of the art and the top of the game. But how tacky will Charlotte get? Well, that remains to be seen. The May 26, 2010 Charlotte Observer story on the Duke Energy Center lights is here and includes some interesting details including that the entire system can be accessed via the Internet.

The Express

No it's not the latest name for Charlotte's highly debated and over priced trolley. The Express is the name of a Hollywood Box office flop. A 40 million dollar film that brought in only 10 million. But with the start of football season just around the corner Cedar Posts was looking for something football to watch and back behind Rudy and The Longest Yard was an unopened DVD for a film called The Express.

The Express is based on the true story of Ernie Davis a running back from Syracuse. I'm not Gene or Roger so I won't review the movie, I'll just say watch it.

Hollywood makes great movies and this is one of them, but Hollywood is so closed minded that they don't understand "real world" marketing. The film was a flop because the name was all wrong. Like Dirty Dancing it may be years before people see the real value in this film. So program the DVR for Thursday August 26, at 9:45 AM on Max.

Best part of the film? Remember the last time you sat in the pep section at Chapel Hill right next to the band? This film has that feel, so much so you can almost sense fall's chill in the air.

Mosque or Islamic Extremist Fun House?

National Public Radio reported Wednesday (read the transcript here) and the Charlotte Observer continued the story this morning (read the story here) reporting that a federal grand jury convened in Charlotte Tuesday to consider bringing terrorism charges against CPCC student Samir Khan.

Khan is the apparent author of several blogs that promote hate and violence against the United States and all non-believers.

Khan is a Saudi-born, U.S. citizen who has been living in Charlotte since 2004. While attending CPCC, he started a blog called "Inshallahshaheed," or "a martyr soon if God wills" and another titled that has since been removed. Apparently these blogs were edited from his parents upscale home in northeast Charlotte.

Fox News has been on to Khan since June of 2008 when they ran a story titled "Muslim Extremist's Web Site Stirs Mixed Emotions in Charlotte, N.C." which you can read here.

All of this news brings up a couple of questions; when did Khan first attract the attention of the FBI and CIA, two of our front line defenses against the Jihadists. Also why does the Charlotte Observer refuse to disclose the name of the mosque that Khan was associated with? Wouldn't it be good to know if that mosque down the street is house of worship and community center or an Islamic extremist fun house?

Seems like the FBI is pretty slow to investigate such nut cases.

If the FBI isn't watching FOX News maybe they should be.


Anonymous said...

About the photo of the nightime Dallas skyline: Is that the photo taken of "Dallas reflected in the still waters of the Trinity River?"

The Trinity is a drainage ditch, albeit a big one, and is all but totally dry except in springtime flooding when it is anything but still.

The photo, if that is "the" one, was taken across the hood of a black car one night so as to give the illusion of reflection in a large amount of water.

It really is a great photo, anyway!

Billy Fehr said...

NPR also reported that Khan was in Yemen as recently as 2009 when he disappeared for a bit before coming back to our fair city. Getting to Yemen for the Jihad is an invite only operation which came for him in the form of being recommended by the Imam connected to Nadal Hassan of Ft. Hood notoriety and the would be Christmas plane bomber. There is more going on with this fellow than we presently know.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter Cedar?

You couldn't bring yourself to point out that the movie is about Ernie Davis, the first African American to win the Heisman Trophy could you?

The movie also shows the south as a nothing but Jim Crow land filled with hate.

But I'd doubt you could say that either.

Anonymous said...

CO, what gutter tripe.

Energy Audit said...

Obama is a christian. I was getting confused when you have write here that he is Muslim. I have read his biography also.

John said...


You might want to know that the producers of "The Express" inserted a disclaimer into the DVD because of the LIES they told about the alleged "racism" you speak of.

They invented the scene where Ernie Davis was taunted at West Virginia. Problem is, that game was played AT SYRACUSE.

Then the producers claimed the incident actually took place at "a 1958 game at North Carolina". Uh, well:

1. Davis didn't play varsity football in 1958 (freshmen were ineligible; Ernie played '59-'61).

2. Syracuse didn't play North Carolina in football until 1995.

3. Syracuse didn't play any games in the state of North Carolina in 1958. Or at any time during Ernie Davis's career.

So, as you can see, the purpose of the movie was to falsely portray southern racism that did not exist.

Your apology is expected.

Cedar Posts said...

You are correct the film takes a good story and throws facts to the wind. Just to heat it up they added a lot of fiction and in the case of the Mountianeers created an outright lie.

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