Saturday, September 4, 2010

13 Tarheel Players Suspended

Good news this morning, the sun rose over Chapel Hill and the Carolina sky is still Carolina Blue.

It's a tough job being the most storied school in the Carolina's but this morning just like every morning God checks on his Tarheels first and all is well.

Being number one always makes you a target for those who hope you fail. The business of college football is not easy, even more so when you fall in behind a winning basketball program.

Is this a scandal of epic proportions? Hardly, and it wouldn't even garner attention if it were Duke or Wake Forest and no one would be surprised if it was USC or Clemson.

College football has rules, rules are broken because someone thought it didn't matter or that no one was watching.

What matters is Butch Davis fills seats, even though 8-5 is hardly 11-1 with the Hurricanes in 2000, Davis' teams put on a good show.

Put it in perspective, the football program is ten times the size of the basketball program and the number of people in contact with players is exponentially massive. Being number one makes you a target for the cheaters and the haters.

If there were issues, they will deal with it, and move on. What makes this all so sensational, is that those doing the investigation have a political agenda and have drawn out the process all the way to game day. The delay in the vetting process and turned a Saturday game into a game show of who's on the bus!

When it is all said and done, God will look down tobacco road and say, them's my boys, GO HEELS!

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UNC University of No Conscience