Friday, September 3, 2010

City Offers Lame Excuses re: Marcus Jackson

The lawsuit against the City of Charlotte, could be headed for a jury trial, after a judge Thursday denied a motion claiming the evidence is so overwhelming the case should be decided now.

Charlotte City attorney Harcourt Futon told a judge yesterday:

“If Mr. Jackson had not been hired (by CMPD), he may very well have assaulted these individuals,” yeah right.

At this point you need to leap over to The Meck Deck and I'll let Jeff Taylor take it from here.

And apparently the judge bought into the madness.

But also out of the fog comes this little dribble while attorneys would not discuss Jackson's personnel file in court Thursday, they alluded to it frequently, hinting there are a total of three red flags prior to Jackson's hiring and results of his pre-hire psychological testing contained in the file.

Cedar Posts asked back on February, How did Marcus Jackson slip past the Civil Service Board?

Remember that during the hiring process 30 some candidates were submitted to the civil service board, along with Jackson for approval, and only one had background questions serious enough to require a "special" vote. But that was not Marcus Jackson. Leaving some to wonder if Jackson's file was "cleansed" before being submitted to the board.


Anonymous said...

Rodney will be leaving soon for his dream job in Washington DC. DC Mayor Fenty, who stabbed Rodney in the back by hiring a white female instead of his boy Rodney, is sure to lose to Vincent Gray in November. Gray is going to kick out Fenty's poilice chief Kathy Lanier and bring Rodney back. January 2011 you will start to heal.

Anonymous said...

that's bullshit he will do at least 5 years in charlotte

Anonymous said...

Well, he's going to TRY to make it five years for the retirement, but it is looking more and more like he is not going to make it.

He is operating like a reeling drunk....

It's like a game of whackamole around CMPD, so I am told.

A very fragile house of cards...

It won't take much more to topple it.

Anonymous said...

Too many skeletons in this closet.

No way Curt or CC want this to go to trial, there are way too many incriminating things that would come out against Rodney and the city.

He needs to leave BEFORE he is fired, and if Curt knows what is good for him and the city, he will facilitate this happening.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL OFFICERS of CMPD THANK YOU to each and every one...MUCH appreciation & respect for ALL you do!!

To Rodney Monroe - KISS MY AZZ!

TOO MANY fantastic people on the force that could have and would do a helluva lot better than YOU! And they would have had citizens TRUST & RESPECT! Something YOU will never have.

Our City Council was wrong for allowing Walton to hire you KNOWING ALL about your past games and corruption!

We have long term officers leaving in droves, many taking early retirements, many just leaving &/or going elsewhere! Co-winkydink? I DON'T THINK SO!

Thanks for bringing corruption & disgrace to what was ONCE the BEST!

And Walton....well I HOPE YOU will be gone in 2011! When we get a new City Council, one with ballz that will put you where YOU belong, in the unemployment line!

Back to Monroe: For the FIRST time you DECIDE to tell the truth it will cost the city, wrong, the taxpayers millions! Thanks from the empty bottom of our wallets!

Dang right Jackson shoulda never been hired! The ONLY honest statement we citizens have ever heard from you!

God forgive me for my anger and disgust towards you but YOU deserve every ounce of it from ALL the citizens of this city and county!!

ANYONE who would stand up for YOU must be one of your slackeys or family (and I bet you even have to pay them!)

By the way just how many credit cards DO you have that the city, excuse me, citizens are now paying for?

And will you be making any CIAA parking passes this year?

Last but certainly not least....
Would you PLEASE do something with those FLAPPERS on both sides of your head??? Good god almighty all that money YOU off-scoffed with, you coulda had them flippers fixed a LONG time ago, at Richmond's expense!

Cedar did I leave anything out? I am SURE I have, but alas too much time on this excuse for a human already!

To all others, sorry for my tirade, but sometimes ya just gotta say what everyone else is thinking just scared to verbalize!

I remain a humble Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:14PM:

PLEASE do NOT get our hopes up like that! That is CRUEL and MEAN! Do you REALLY think DC would hire him after all his fiasco down here? I don't think so! But I SURE PRAY THEY DO!

My letter to the Chief:

Dear Rotney:

I hear DC needs you once again! As you know it is a GREAT place to live! And you really really should take advantage of any and ALL opportunities, yes, I know it will be hard to leave Charlotte, but alas we will survive without you. Yes, somehow we will manage!

Please, do NOT let us keep you here as YOUR expertise, dedication and integrity are SO needed there.

Now remember you already have friends there. You can even take those you brought here back with you :-)

I am sure many citizens here would volunteer to help you move! Heck I bet we could even come up with money for your ticket!

See how much we care about you? WE just want YOU to be happy!

PLEASE let us know what we can do to make this transition easier for you!


City of Charlotte