Friday, September 10, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

According to the Charlotte Observer, Police are looking for a woman in connection with the fatal shooting of a 25 year old small time drug dealer on the dance floor of an uptown Charlotte business called "The Breakfast Club" early Friday.

The victim (pictured above) has been identified as Dominic Nicholas Mahone, of Charlotte. The shooting happened shortly before 2 a.m. at the Breakfast Club, on North Caldwell Street.

Witnesses told police Mahone was on the dance floor when a woman walked up and fired two shots, including one in the head. It is unclear how the woman was able to get the gun into the club past security.

Police say the shooter drove off in a royal blue Chevrolet with custom rims. Detectives spent most of the night at the club, interviewing witnesses and looking for evidence. Investigators have not released a name of a suspect in the case, and they have not said what might have led to the shooting.

Malone's priors run from resisting arrest, to assault on a female, and assorted drug offenses.

Malone's murder marks an end to a rather quiet couple of weeks without a homicide.

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Anonymous said...

You mean we can COMMENT on this story! Wow, how "original"...roflmao!

Another bites the Dust is about the size of it! What is so funny is you would think Monroe would do something for "his" peeps as he likes to say! Or are the ones being killed not worth him claiming, i.e. beneath him? Does make one wonder doesn't it? You would think the Black community would be outraged over his lack of concern for their well being??? I know I am but then we are just the citizens and he answers to NO ONE! Including the City and Walton!

I am telling you the City Council better wake up before next years elections regarding Monroe and Walton, otherwise most of them will be in the unemployment lines as well!