Friday, September 10, 2010

Tweet of the Week!

@Leahwho gets the prize for the most creative use of twitter this week.

@LeahWho: I have some eggs that are little past exp date. I think I'll go smash them at the back edge of my backyard. Want to come along?

@LeahWho: Egg #1: didn't smash, must change my technique.

@LeahWho: Egg #2: For Will. Good, satisfying POP!

@LeahWho: Egg #3: For no working TV. Caught some leafy branches, glistened nicely in mid-air.

@LeahWho: Egg #4: For Mel; & Jill's losers. Extra squishy-sounding.

@LeahWho: Egg #5: For that stagnant gray box I work in & the man who thinks I should be happy there. #badbodylanguage Long splat.

@LeahWho: Last egg. Any requests? You've got a minute.

@LeahWho: Egg #6: For Ash's stupid twat of a boss. Right into the base of a tree.

@LeahWho: That was fun!


Anonymous said...

Funny Cedar is a very odd sort of way!

Anonymous said...

Great tweet of the week.