Monday, September 20, 2010

Breaking News Valerie Hamilton's Killer Says He's Innocent

Accused murderer and convicted sex offender Michael Harvey claims Valerie Hamilton died in her sleep perhaps of an accidental drug overdose.

WSOC TV interviewed several people in Niagara Falls New York area that repeated the story that Cedar Posts had been emailed anonymously early Monday, that the death of Valerie Hamilton may not be a homicide.

One woman interviewed Monday said on video:

"He woke up and she was dead and he was all messed up and he hid the body. Hiding the body was wrong but it was a shock."


Anonymous said...

To a previous poster who stated that Michael Harvey was convicted of second degree sexual assault for having consensual sex with a 15 yr old gf at the age of 19 andserved 3 yrs and then his father passed and it spiraled downhill was incorrect. I know. Unfortunatly I'm related to mike.
He was convicted of first degree sexual assault on a girl he met in a bar. It was deviant. He served 4 yrs. Hence he was released in 2000. His father passed from cancer in 2005.
And let's just say, his criminal record only shows the things that he was caught doing. He has a far longer track record. He needs to be off the streets.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mike Harvey but I get the feeling he is nothing but scum. I'd hope some people will come forward and start putting the facts out there.

I'm afraid if we wait for the DA and CMPD to do something it will be too late.