Monday, September 20, 2010

Killer Michael Harvey Arrested In New York

Michael Harvey has been arrested in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Charlotte-Mecklenburg police confirm.

A murder warrant was issued for Harvey in connection with the death of 23-year-old Valerie Hamilton, who was found dead on Friday.

An agent for the US Marshal's office stated that they believe Michael Harvey arrived in Niagara Falls around noon on Sunday. The agent provided that the Niagara County Sheriff's department got a tip that led to Harvey's arrest. Authorities are saying little, except that around ten thirty this morning, Michael Harvey was arrested just a few blocks from his childhood home in Niagara Falls.

An agent for the US Marshal's office stated that Harvey was found at a friend's house and that Harvey was asleep on a couch and surrounded by heroin paraphernalia.

The white Chevy Blazer that police believed Harvey stole from North Carolina was located behind a local mall. The inside of the SUV had been burned in an apparent effort to destroy evidence. Harvey was taken into custody without incident.

Harvey is from Niagara Falls and has family there. Police have not said where in the town he was taken into custody.

Niagara Falls News 4 tried to interview his family on Sunday, but reported that they did not want to appear on camera but did have this to say, "He hasn't been here in six years, leave. That's my comment, leave. When his father died. That was the last time he was here. We haven't seen him in six years"

Cedar Posts has learned that Harvey was a habitual drug user who stole to feed his habit. As facts emerge so does a less attractive picture of Harvey. His New York conviction in 1996 was for 2nd degree sexual assault, which in New York generally means sex with someone under the age of consent. However consent in New York doesn't apply when the victim is under 17 and the perp is over 18. Harvey was 19 at the time of his arrest.

However the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Harvey, was convicted of 1st degree sexual assault. According to the Observer: "News articles at the time say he met the 20-year-old victim at a bar, asked her for a ride home, then directed her to an isolated spot where he raped her and stole $40. He served four years in a New York prison".

Which makes a pretty good case for guilty as charged.

Read more:

Further disturbing is that police are only calling this a homicide and not a sexual attack, not a kidnapping. Rumors of Valerie Hamilton's drug use are beginning to emerge as well.

Her 2008 arrest for DWI and under age drinking help shape the picture in the lack of other information.

Hamilton 2008 Mug Shot Photo MeckCo Sheriff's Office

No one will know for sure until the autopsy report is released. However given much of the information known so far there should be some merit given to the possibility that Ms. Hamilton simply over dosed and Harvey panicked.

Which, in that case the 1st degree murder charge would be reduced to manslaughter.

Rodney Monroe unzipped his fly during a presser this morning by telling gathered media that they will not know anything until the autopsy is complete and that they will "increase or modify charges" at that time. WSOC Video of the press conference is here.

Chief Monroe who had been MIA last week, left the presser shortly thereafter.


Anonymous said...

Cedar I hope you are wrong but, it does look like Hamilton was a druggie and over dosed on drugs.

Sad for the family.

Anonymous said...

I think you are correct, it makes sense except while young people are into "H" which makes no sense to me at all.

But for what it's worth, Let's see... you stay behind, your friends leave and you hook up with a crack head to get "high" you get a little too much and he panics. Rather than get you medical attention, because he'll go to jail on the probation violation he lets you die.

If you ask me he might as well pulled the trigger or put a rope around your neck.

Anonymous said...

"Rumors" of drug use. Shame on you Cedar, why perpetuate the rumors unless you know it to be fact. A new low, even for you.

Anonymous said...

Your accusations are without merit, ridiculous, and plain mean in the context of this story. I don't know why anyone would read your stupid blog, you are one sick animal.

Anonymous said...

Even if the rumors are true, it is shameful of you not to allow the family some privacy at this horrible time.

Anonymous said...

What else you got Cedar?

Anonymous said...

I think we need to know the truth and if it hurts the family so be it.

But if this girl was into drugs and this is what killed her then we need to know that and not that a sex offender what charged with murder.

I think the fact he wasn't charged with kidnapping, or rape says enough.

Anonymous said...

Cedar is right about Harvey's rape conviction 2nd degree sexual assualt, he was 19 and was arrested for having sex with his 15 year old G/F and served 3 years for that.

During which time his father died. His life has been in a tailspin ever since.

I too suspect Ms. Hamilton had an issue with drug and/or drinking.

Anonymous said...

"express appointment with Dr. Death"

Translation: Dude might get the needle in about 2026. No need for liberals to start planning their candlelight vigils just yet.

Anonymous said...

For all your self proclaimed worldliness Cedar, you sure are low class.

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the news

Anonymous said...

Mr. Posts you are the lowest form of life on this planet. Your lies are vile hate that will torment this poor girls family. You no doubt take pleasure in seeing people suffer. This pervert stalked Valerie and killed her, slaughtered her like a hog and you want people to think she had it coming. How do you sleep at night?


Anonymous said...

It is horrific, that you would imply Valerie's drug use from this little bit of information.OK. maybe she was caught drinking under age but that would have been many years ago(how many people do that and don't get caught?)as well as being young and drinking at a bar. That is a far cry from being a heroine junkie.She was a swim instructor, previously studied to be a nurse, was currently studying to be teacher and from personal experience with her, I never saw track marks or any indication of drug use and that was from watching her with children in her swim class on a weekly basis for months. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Of all the property crimes he committed.... this is for all at CMPD who are reading. If you want to stop property crime or all crime, address the drug problem. Stop giving the criminals a "safe zone" to deal or do their drugs. Breaking into houses and cars is not for those who need pampers.

The article itself states he committed property crimes to "feed" his habit.

Hindsight is 20-20 but CMPD seems to be looking the other way.

It saddens me that she was failed, however she died.

Maybe we can save the next one.

Anonymous said...

all good but painfull points Cedar-I drive a cab in the LKN area and see young women like this all of the time. They are out doing shots, have their tramp stamps (in this case 3 star tatooed on her neck- and she leaves the bar with a strange guy at 1:30 in the morning- What did she expect? Hate it for the family, but...

Anonymous said...

You are some kind of low life trash that has no idea what he's talking about.

Only a total moron would try to excuse a convicted rapist and try to blame the young innocent girl he raped and killed.

I'm sure you also think she had it coming?

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Cedar Post but looks to me like he's got it figured out. Tats, piercings, out at 1AM on a Tuesday, then calling friends at 3AM whooo hoooo come on let's party in the hot tub!

Arboretum aint cheap rent makes me wonder how she paid for all that on a part-time job/school income?

Too bad some people have to die before all their nasty little secrets come out.

Anonymous said...

While many of you are saying that Cedar is pathetic and a moron or whatnot. The information is completely relevant to this case.

This resulted in a nationwide manhunt involving multiple local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This guy is being charged with murder. If it is not murder because Ms. Hamilton overdosed, then it is completely relevant.

Many times addicts will panic when someone gets in trouble because they don't want to get in trouble either. Sometimes they drop them off at a hospital, sometimes they panic and do something else like hide the body.

They are right though, we won't know how she died until the autopsy is performed. At that time, we'll know whether she was on drugs, know her alcohol content, and whether or not her death was an overdose or murder. If it was murder, then people will continue to bash Cedar for posting "rumors." If the "rumors" are true and it was an overdose, then he'll be the first one to post the truth.

Isn't that what is more important? The truth as opposed to whatever fiction makes us all feel better?

Anonymous said...

Drug whore dead. It is not hard to understand. How many duis did this little angel get out of in Concord cause her daddy was the chief of police? Did she ever score H out of the CPD property room? Again. Drug whore dead. And I sh ould care becazuse......d

Anonymous said...

Um, are we basing the theory that she overdosed on the word of a druggie who (at the time he said it) was wanted for murder? Don't they always rationalize what happened... "not my fault"? I think we should wait until more facts are available before we make conclusions. What ever the final conclusion is, it is a sad situation for all concerned.

Anonymous said...

Yep, rodney was on yet ANOTHER vacation when all this went down.
He suddenly reappeared when it was time to go on GMA with misinformation.

Once again, where is he on his PROMISE to be at EVERY homicide scene?
Every homicide scene.....

I would bet that he has not been at even 1/4 of homicide scenes.

How about upcoming "promotions"?
Wonder where Zincann is going? From what I have heard, wherever he goes, I PITY the poor people that have to work for/under him...what a loser!

CMPD has been so thoroughly screwed by rodney.....once again, what everyone says, it is going to take YEARS to recover.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like daddy's little girl might have been a closet junkie. Partying with a guy she met at a bar, going back to his hot tub, herion, sounds like the preacher's daughter had the time of her life with the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the parents as they're going to find out their daughther enjoyed "partying" a little too much. I know she was fired from a past job for this problem.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for whoever you are, that your life is so shallow that you would print these lies about this young woman.

Have you no shame? No conscience?