Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CMPD's Valerie Hamilton Time Line Starts to Make Sense - Was She a Closet Junkie?

Reports tonight from WSOC and WBTV who have been leading the way on the Valerie Hamilton murder case, help fill in the blanks and then create more questions.

According to WSOC the mother of Harvey’s 5-year-old child was told by CMPD investigators that Harvey and Hamilton were at Harvey's home on 15th Street the night she disappeared.

According to the woman, people in the house stated that Hamilton “appeared to need immediate medical attention" and that Hamilton left with Harvey to go to the hospital.

While just speculation, it would seem that Harvey rather than risk going to the hospital which would subject him to law enforcement scrutiny elected to pay for a hotel room in hopes that Hamilton would sleep it off.

It is also being reported that friends of Hamilton say she was not into drugs, and that if she took drugs it would have been against her will.

WSOC's report is here.

All this leads to other questions like why didn't the reported people at the 15th Street home come forward? Where is the hot tub referenced in the 3AM call?

Finally could Valerie Hamilton be a closet junkie?

Surprising the number of young people who are closet junkies. More about the growing use of Heroin among today's under 30 crowd here.

And deaths from Heroin overdoses are on the rise.

More about the rise in Heroin use here.

Cedar Posts adds: All things said it wouldn't surprise me if the murder charge stands.


Anonymous said...

Cedar from the beginning you pointed the finger at Hamilton now at the very end you hint that Harvey may be at fault! WTF?

Cedar Posts said...

Option A tests disclose Hamilton had a long history of drug use based on hair samples and she died as a result of a fatal combination of heroin and booze.

Option B No evidence of prior drug use is found but she died as a result of a fatal combination of heroin and booze.

It is all on the hair sample if she was a user he walks plain and simplr if she was clean its 20 years min.

JAT said...

I fear we'll need a full-on Family Circus style dotted line and map to fully understand what went on that night.

I hope CMPD is up to the task.

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea. Let's all sit back and let the police and proper authorities do their job before we pass judgment. And for heavens sake, quit posting speculative guesses as to what really went on. Valerie's family deserves respect and dignity at this difficult time in their lives without having to hear all the negatives posted by Dick Tracy wannabes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry , anon 9:49 AM, that only works if you can trust the police, and as is well documented on these pages, you can no longer trust the CMPD. A vigorous and free press/media/internet is, and always has been, essential to our American system of justice. My heart breaks for Valerie's family and she did not deserve her fate, but facts are stubborn things, and sometimes they can save someone else from falling into a pit.

ThaQueenCity said...

First off there are jut too many stories and versions and the time lines are not right! I am glad Cedar pointed that out....there is much more to this story.

I hope our CMPD gets it right. Not sure who is in the Homicide anymore, but hopefully they are old timers and not new cronies of Monroe's, otherwise the family will never get the truth....

Either way, this guy will get life, bet on that!