Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Strippers on Hood of Police Car Not a Good Idea, Costs Officer His Job

From the Post and Courier:

A Moncks Corner, South Carolina police officer is out of a job after photos of bikini-clad strippers draped around his police cruiser showed up on Facebook.

Police Chief Chad Caldwell would not say who the officer was but he did acknowledge, that the officer was no longer with the department.

The car wash was held Sunday at Rockstar Tattoo Studio on Redbank Road and was called the "Tit n Tats" car wash. It featured bikini-clad dancers from Diamonds North in North Charleston, according to Rockstar Studio's Facebook page.

Moncks Corner officers are provided with take-home cruisers, but the department has policies governing their use and allowing bikini-clad women to be photographed on the hood of a take-home cruiser is apparently a violation of those policies.

"It reflects badly not only on the police department," Caldwell said. "It reflects badly on the town."

Cedar Posts: I don't know if the town looks so bad, keeping all the rowdy girls in one place is not a bad idea, I'd call it community policing.


One of the above ladies is a Berkley County Sheriff's Deputy who has been suspended.

Which would explain the Crown Vic in the background of the photo below.


Anonymous said...

CedarPosts...I didn't realize that ANY of the girls worked at Diamonds N. The girl in the MB shorts is an awesome girl. Her sister is the deputy in the photo. The skinny girl, I believe, is the wife of the fella that owns the tattoo shop. I'm not sure about the other girl, but I think she volunteered because she'd just gotten some work done at the tattoo place as well. The girl that I know in the photo is an awesome girl and is NOT a stripper, at least to my knowledge..neither is her sister, the Deputy. I don't know why the Sheriff's Deputy even put that...the tattoo parlor owner wanted to do a benefit that would not only raise money for his "charity of choice" but that would put his business in a good light, but it's causing so much heartache for these obviously fit girls who have been called every name in the book. It's hard to have an ounce of self-esteem when everybody in Charleston is calling them fat-asses, skanks (which they are not), and strippers (which, hey, don't they make the big bucks anyway)? These aren't bad girls. Not at all.

Cedar Posts said...

I think the officer and the deputy have gotten a raw deal.

I guess it would have been better if girls scouts were washing the cruiser but then again I'm sure some gutter mind would find something wrong with that.

Since the girls were not "topless" or naked for that matter and if was a charity event I'm thinking the whole thing is a might bit over blown.

Anonymous said...

The deputy was cleared of any wrong doing! Which I agree, she did not do anything as DUMB as Vickie Foster!

Yet Foster is in no trouble for spouting off how she couldn't help anyone who didn't believe in God????
WHY HAS SHE NOT BEEN SUSPENDED for that comment...

Anonymous said...

Correction! The crown vic in the background was actually a family members and there are no strippers on the hood of the vehicle!!

Cedar Posts said...

I didn't realize this was in 2010. Wow time flies.

So none of the girls on the hood are "dancers"?

I personally think the whole thing was way over blown. I think a simple inactive suspension would have been enough.