Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fraternal Order of Police Backs Andrew Murray for Mecklenburg County DA

From the Charlotte Observer:

Republican Andrew Murray, a candidate for Mecklenburg County district attorney, and Democratic Sheriff Chipp Bailey were among those winning the endorsement Tuesday of the Fraternal Order of Police.

FOP President Todd Walther said members were more familiar with Murray, who has practiced law in Mecklenburg courts for nearly two decades.

“We want somebody in there we can trust and we feel knows us better,” Walther said. “We feel Andrew Murray … will at least give us a fair say.”

In other CMPD news:

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have moved their motorcycle unit into the SouthPark area this week, in an effort to increase law enforcement visibility in the community.

The unit consists of several officers on motorcycles, working mostly on traffic patrols.

Props to the guys who ride in the motorcycle unit they look sharp always have always will.

BTW I looked everywhere for a good photo of CMPD's motorcycle unit and zilch, nothing nada! Sorry!


Anonymous said...

The Motorcycle Unit does a great job, as do the vast majority of patrol officers!!

Looks like "friendship" has trumped "good judgment" yet once again regarding Vicki Foster, it seems she can continue to make horrible judgment calls and the "chief" still supports her horrible judgment.

From what I am told, no matter WHAT she does, she faces no discipline.
What exactly is up with that?

How can she be an effective "leader" when she herself has shown such unethical and terrible behavior?

The chief has no problem disciplining SOME officers, and yet others show absolutely abysmal judgment and leadership and he does nothing?

His leadership is non existent!

It seems he and foster are made for each other, BOTH CLUELESS.

I heard something about the IACP Convention in Orlando......wonder how many people are going this year, and how they were chosen, and who is paying for that when the chief says that CMPD needs MORE money? Again, total lack of judgment it seems.

There is not ONE person I speak to at CMPD that is not disgusted, disappointed and sad and so angry about the total chaos that is now CMPD.

No protocols, no rules, no regs, no fairness.....just whatever monroe
wants is how things are "run" now.

You wouldn't think one person could so screw up a department, would you?

Anonymous said...

Peter Gilchrist or Andrew Murray-Whats the difference? Unless he is changing the Sr Atty's in charge-same ol system in place.

Anonymous said...

The IACP conference is being held as a reward to those command staff that the chief believes have done a good job. Probably will be JAG (grant money from feds) used to pay. What a joke, also hopefully someone has that video of her saved and can produce it at the right time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as a "reward" for those that have paid proper attention to His Majesty and the arse are so right, what a joke.

And is that really what ANY money at CMPD should be spent for in this economy????

Curt, are you listening?

I have heard from reliable sources that the chief's minions monitor this site and other sites. And that they have paid "special attention" to trying to find out who all anonymous posters are on these sights....a proper use of their time, right? Well, better that than screwing up anything else at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

By "produce it at the right time" I hope you mean at an IA hearing.

Or for the media.