Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harvey Didn't Kill Valerie Hamilton?

WSOC TV News will report that autopsy results do not indicate a violent death in the Valerie Hamilton case.

According to Charlotte's News Channel 14 Harvey told reporters outside the courtroom that he was innocent and that the 23-year-old daughter of Concord Police Chief Merl Hamilton overdosed in her sleep.

"I didn't do it," Harvey said. "She OD'd in her sleep. Did you hear that? She OD'd in her sleep."

Cedar Posts has again received emails alleging Valerie Hamilton's party lifestyle. None however indicate her involvement in hard core drugs like the heroin that Harvey was addicted to.

This might explain why sexual assault and kidnapping charges were not initially brought.

Detectives are still waiting for results from toxicology tests and results of the sexual assault examination kit.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg homicide detectives have told Charlotte media outlet that they have spoken with several witnesses who reported seeing Hamilton with Harvey at the Thomas Street Tavern Wednesday night.

According to WCNC "Witnesses told police that Hamilton appeared to need medical attention and some of those witnesses say they approached Harvey, telling him to take Hamilton to a medical professional".

Still so many questions remain; how did Valerie Hamilton die?, was her death due to a sexual assault?, what happened to her 2008 DWI arrest?, was there a cover up in order to protect Concord's Chief of Police?, or was it just professional courtesy?, why was a 3 time loser like Harvey out on Charlotte's streets?


Anonymous said...

Total BULLSHIT and I hope Valerie's family sues your ass!

Anonymous said...

Sad Sad Sad

Anonymous said...

Just curious... How is it BS if it is the actual preliminary autopsy report and it's being broadcasted by many media outlets. You can't sue for the truth.

In any case... It's sad and tragic. My heart goes out to her family and friends. It could have been avoided if someone in a more sober state of mind had interviened and got her to the hospital. It was horrible of Michael to hid the body and not alert officials. Her family suffered unneccessarily at the hands of this selfish man who was trying to protect himself.

Anonymous said...

Lord, where to start! First of all, to Valerie's family and friends, my deepest sympathy on the loss of your beautiful daughter. It is tragic.

Second, Cedar, who cares about her DUI arrest? You know as well as we do that PLENTY of DUI arrests are not even prosecuted and to suggest it was a cover up is ridiculous... a cover up is never having the arrest made in the first place! Third, the reporting from the CMPD AND the media on this story has been just awful. So many holes in the accounts, they make no sense. CMPD's statement is a mess-in particular, the following makes no sense, raises more questions than it answers:
"Homicide Detectives interviewed many witnesses that observed Ms. Hamilton in the presence of the suspect. Homicide Detectives found evidence of drug usage. Witnesses indicate although alive, she appeared to need immediate medical attention. The suspect did not seek professional medical attention for Ms. Hamilton after being prompted by several independent witnesses to do so."

Where were these witnesses to the fact that Valerie needed medical attention? At the bar? At the apartment? Somewhere else? Why didn't any of THEM call for help? How can the guy be arrested for murder when the facts seem to suggest that it might not be murder after all? Did CMPD jump the proverbial gun on that and will now have to back off? If you're going to issue a news release, it would nice if it actually contained, oh, I don't know, some information.

Cedar Posts said...

I want to thank everyone who commented on this story.

I'm not a crime reporter by any sense of the word so this story was hard for me. I don't mind the nasty comments directed at me but some of the comments made about Valerie were hateful and crude. So I've closed the comments section on this story permanently.

So tragic and heart breaking, I can't imagine the pain her parents must feel.

Valerie's death was preventable on so many levels, her friends, her family and even Michael Harvey who words cannot express the personal outrage I feel towards this man who really has no place in society, should have intervened.

Today there is momentum and outrage over her death and I hope someone takes the initiative to create a foundation in her name to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future.

Michael Harvey should not have been walking our streets, he may not have shot, or strangled Valerie Hamilton but his hands are covered in her blood just as if he had put a rope around her neck or pulled the trigger.

Alcohol and drug abuse among our young people is out of control and the tragic result is a family’s pain and the lost of a promising life.

This should not have happened.