Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Michael Harvey Murderer or Really Bad Date?

Michael Harvey is clearly a complete idiot and junkie but did police go too far to protect their own?

It is now clear that Valerie Hamilton died as a result of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose or perhaps both. The medical examiner's report will not be made public for at least a week.

The preliminary medical examiner' report found no signs of physical trauma in the death of the Concord police chief's daughter, but investigators said they found evidence of drug use in the case and that Valerie Hamilton didn't get the medical attention she needed.

CMPD officials also say that Harvey didn't seek medical attention for Hamilton even though several people urged him to do so. It is unclear when CMPD investigators learned that Harvey was urged to seek medical attention for Hamilton or when this event occurred, but Cedar Posts assumed that this was while she was at the bar with Harvey.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are not commenting on whether the drug use might have involved Hamilton or what type of drugs are involved.

But chances are the murder charges against Harvey will at least be reduced.

Harvey, a convicted sex offender with a long list of arrests and crimes isn't the smartest guy on the street, although one local twitter account posted the tweet that he was "pretty good looking". (Cedar's thoughts yeah he's good looking in a Ted Bundy sort of way.)

One question that has come up revolves around the amount of law enforcement resources and media attention given to the Valerie Hamilton case.

Creative loafing asks if this wasn't a case of "Missing White Woman Syndrome"?

And, this has to be said: Are we, as a society, more riveted when white women and children are missing or murdered than, say, African-American people or Hispanic people? There’s even a name for the phenomenon: “Missing White Woman Syndrome.” Think Lacy Peterson and Natalee Holloway. Around the same time Peterson, who was pregnant, went missing, at least two other pregnant women — both minorities; one African American, one Hispanic — also went missing. Do you know their names?

We can't blame CMPD and Concord's Chief for doing everything they could to find Valerie and her alleged killer. But would the efforts have been so intense and wide ranging if the she was not the daughter of Concord's Chief of Police? Would the attention have been diminished if it was known that she was intoxicated immediately before her disappearance? It's doubtful.

Once thing is for sure Michael Harvey is a dating nightmare and he has no place in society, he is the poster child for sociopaths and should charged with several crimes including negligent homicide, desecration of a corpse, auto theft and his sentence should run consecutively and after serving his time, he should be deported back to New York.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it was "missing white woman syndrome", I think it was because she was the daughter of a chief of police. Even if he was in a panic, he had the wherewithall to wrap her body, move it to a storage unit, drive to New York and burn the vehicle. I am glad Harvey is off the streets and hope he finally does some real time for all the crimes commmitted in our city.

My condolences to the family and friends Valerie leaves behind.

JAT said...

CMPD has a timeline problem it needs to clear up.

Did the witnesses CMPD says urged Harvey to seek medical treatment for Hamilton do their urging before or after Hamilton's 3am phone to her friend, Ashley Barton to invite Barton over to join Hamilton and a friend in the hot tub at the Arboretum, as Barton told TCO?

Where did these witnesses see Hamilton and Harvey?

Anonymous said...

As a veteran law enforcement officer in this town, I assure you it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with "going the extra mile" for our own. So What??!! It happens in every profession, in every city, around the world! Not surprised the "Creative Rag" would take a shot at us though.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you might already know this but I've been told that she was really drunk and not high when she left Thomas Street and that Harvey drove. They continued to party away the night.

The guess is at that point they did some black tar heroin which I understand is smoked like crack. If she was so drunk how would she even know what she was doing?

Harvey is to blame for her death I'm sure of it. No one I talked to ever would have guessed that Valerie would have been a drugie just doesn't add up.

Also you know CMPD was glossing the whole thing over for the media.

Anonymous said...

There you go again Cedar hating on Yankees.
I know you got a Rebel Flag in your garage and big ole' DIXIE tattoo on your ass, but give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

Harvey what a freaking TOOL!

Hope her parents sue that mother F&#%er!