Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Murder Trial Comes to a Close

If the evidence was enough, Demeatrius Montgomery will spend the rest of his life in prison.

From the outside looking in, Assistant District Attorney Marsha Goodenow proved the State's case. It wasn't a slam dunk. It wasn't filled with jaw dropping witness testimony, and gasps as the killer was pointed out. There was no dramatic finish, no ominous Law and Order "chung CHUNG" just a simple statement, that the state rests.

What prosecutor Goodenow presented was a chain of events and facts that were linked together, each event and piece of evidence with ties to Montgomery. Her closing was weak at best, as she told the jurors the Demeatrius Montgomery was a man who hated police and that Montgomery wasn't framed.

Defense Attorney Duane Bryant told jurors simply that prosecutors had not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Montgomery had killed the officers.

Bryant called not one witness, a move considered by many to signal to the jurors that the evidence wasn't enough.

Bryant gesturing to his co council said "We represent Mr. Montgomery. Every fiber in my body will tell you he's not guilty of this crime."

Did Montgomery's defense team make a case for acquittal, absolutely, but the trouble is Montgomery. His expressions, demeanor and general contempt I predict will push the notion that he is unlike the rest of us, that Demetris Montgomery is subhuman, that for whatever reason, whatever genetic defect, or life altering event Montgomery is noting more than a rabid animal who took the lives of two men who were just doing their job.

My sincerest hope is that the jury will agree that Demeatrius Montgomery was not only the man who pulled the trigger, but that he did so in a premeditated manner knowing full well that just shooting them wouldn't be enough, he knew long before he got near both officers that he would shoot both in the head at nearly point blank range.

I know I speak for a great many people when I say that were Demeatrius Montgomery, not at least a shell of a human being he would have long ago been euthanized and not a tear would have been shed.

May justice and common sense prevail.


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YES! GUILTY, but the sentence COULD and SHOULD have been death!

I want to know what if any charges Fant is going to face. I can see tossing the notes ONCE, but TWICE, that is NOT a coincidence! It seems to point to an agenda.... what is was I have no clue. But he should face some sort of charge.

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Afterwards, Monroe said: "We lost more than two police officers, we lost more than two husbands and fathers, this community lost a symbol, a symbol of what really makes sense to all of us."

What the hell does that mean, "the community lost a symbol? A symbol of what? And what "symbol" is it that "really makes sense"?? Anyone have their decoder ring? He is such an embarrassment.

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Ha RoMo Cop is a jpke but wait til Bobcats start playing again you woun't be able to keep him away from the mike!