Thursday, September 30, 2010

Case Against Michael Harvey Implodes

While we had hints that Ms. Hamilton was a closet junkie we had hoped we were wrong. But I've learned not to doubt my CMPD sources.

It turns out that the whole thing was a scam. We should known when Chief Monroe showed up after being MIA for a week, that something was being covered up. Then during a presser Chief Monroe unzipped his fly saying the words "additional charges or modification of the charges". He additionally stated that they were unaware of a relationship between Harvey and Hamilton.

When Cedar Posts first heard that Valerie Hamilton might be a user, the hope was maybe she messed around with marijuana, a little coke or meth, we really didn't expect that she was a hard core junkie, but the questions still lingered.

CMPD's Valerie Hamilton Time Line Starts to Make Sense - Was She a Closet Junkie?

But after two weeks of dodging and weaving the truth sadly has begun to come out.

According to WCNC, Valerie Hamilton was an recovering addict who apparently met Micheal Harvey while in Rehab.

The video below fills in much of the blanks but the bottom line is that Valerie's father Chief Merl Hamilton told News Channel 36 that he was aware of much of the information in the warrants and affidavits.

He declined to comment on whether his daughter had met Harvey in rehab or if she had even ever been in rehab.

Hamilton said, "I have spent 29 years in police work never blaming the victim and I am not about to start now."

We asked before was Michael Harvey Murderer or Really Bad Date? The real question is now why are murder charges still pending against Harvey?

Chief Merl Hamilton used his office to gain national attention to find Micheal Harvey when he knew the truth. He could have easily said "my daughter had a problem, we thought she had worked through this, Michael Harvey took advantage of her weakness and now she's dead because of him".

I think the whole nation would have been understanding. Now while there is pitty and sadness for the Hamilton family, there is also contempt for those in public service who hide the truth, and in doing so delay justice.

As for Harvey, how about we just drop the charges, and leave that human skid mark were he sits in New York.


Anonymous said...

Didn't he still hide a body? Doesn't that cause you some concern?

Anonymous said...

True he did hide her body. But we are just too late. Harvey is guility of many crimes, and maybe we could after get expense convict him of enough crimes to lock him up for 20 years or more, but this guy has been a drain on North Carolina taxpayers long enough, so I agree with Cedar let him be New Yorks worry.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I am disgusted about is this National Enquirer wannabe. Cedar, if it were your daughter, and you had strings you could pull to find her, would you not do that?

Cedar Posts said...

I would have done the same thing, no doubt no regrets.

ThaQueenCity said...

I think the guy needs to answer for NOT seeking medical help and then hiding her body!

If he is out on the streets he WILL come back down here....and that just means more money spent on him in the future...

And yep, I would have used every ounce of power I had too to find him!

Anonymous said...

From what I understand the murder charges were applied based on the condition of the body when she was found. It wasn't until the preliminary autopsy results were done that there was no evidence of trauma.

And we still won't know what happens until the toxicology results come back. Do I think some kind of an overdose played a part, yes. But people overdose every day and if 911 is called, many of them survive with appropriate medical care.

I'd think the charges will drop down to manslaughter and then concealing a death.