Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Frankly I can only stand so much of crime and politics and since the Braves are done for the year as are the Panthers, the need for on-line humor and entertainment has never been greater.

Guys are weird. Sure women exhibit some strange behaviors from time to time – mainly involving beauty tools that resemble medieval torture devices or our propensity to over-analyze everything – but guys, too, have their own freakishly odd yet charming gender-specific quirks if you observe them closely. You know, like primates at the zoo. Here are a few of my favorites:

Inside-out underwear
Because you only have to do laundry half as often if you wear ‘em twice as long.

Grunting while lifting weights
We get it: “Big. Strong. Man.” (Grr.) Next time I’m at the salon enduring a 3-hour highlight, I’m going to let out a barbarian-like wail when I bend over to pick up another copy of US Weekly.

The handshake hug
Women hug. Men can’t be seen doing such things. The result: The handshake/pull-it-on-in-for-the-good-stuff move. I’ve tried this with some of my guy friends, and it really just ends up with someone inadvertently touching my boobs. Hey, wait a minute…


Anonymous said...

Hey is because of you that I heard about her follow her blog as well! She is great ...thanks!

Anonymous said...

I miss Alison and the Carolina Bride mag. I guess with cost cutting it had to go.

Thanks for the link to her site.

Anonymous said...

cost cutting at C.B. was not the issue.....she asked for a return...they said no...why?

Anonymous said...

From what I heard they needed to cut expenses so when she left they closed that postion and management wasn't willing to go to bat for her so she could have her old job back.

McClatchy put a hiring freeze in across the nation so it doesn't surprise me that they wouldn't hire her back.

Anonymous said...

now what will she do?

Cedar said...

I have a feeling that Alison Henry will be just fine. Hard to keep a talented women down.

Check out some recent issues of Creative Loafing and look for more top shelf writing from her in the very near future.


BTW Take a look at her photography as well. There is a link on Miles from the Aisle. Very cool photos from someone with a good eye and she knows light.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cedar! I am glad she is back...she is funny and love to read her stuff!

Anonymous said...

Cedar why are you pushing traffic to this cutie's blog? My money says you are wanting to hit it. I don't know how Mrs Cedar puts up with you! UGH|

Anonymous said...

I have a friend at the bride mag who told me she's living off an inheritance, so she just blew off the magazine job. Must be nice to live the Creative Loafing life! I wouldn't know.

Anonymous said...

She is a good writer, funny and entertaining, really cute, and a trust fund baby? And single? WTF? I don't blame Cedar at all!

Alison Henry said...

Hello, friends! Thanks for reading!

If I'm a trust fund baby, someone please tell me where my check is - 'cause I haven't seen one! I'm a self-sustaining adult just like everyone else, pinching pennies and eating peanut butter sandwiches. I AM a writer, remember? ;)

The Observer did in fact choose to not fill my old position and they didn't take me back because we all knew I was done, ready to move on to something more stable outside journalism. I had reached that point when I chose LA, and even though in the end I chose to stay, that still didn't change my motivation for leaving.

Still, I wake up every morning and go to sleep a writer - that's just who I am, so of course I miss the environment and my coworkers from time to time. And I keep in touch with many of them, so I'm still somewhat in the loop. Journalists are like family.

Again, thanks for reading! I'm flattered that this conversation is still going on at all!


Anonymous said...

hey cedar is alison livin wit u an mrs. c, cuz she aint payin rent with pinchd pennys

Anonymous said...


Being single and under 30 I can totally understand where you are coming from!

Cedar thanks for putting Alison's story up with a link.

Y'all Rock!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why I hadn't seen Alison's work at the Observer. Thanks Cedar for the link and the prior posts that tell her story.

Ditto to the the Y'all Rock!

Anonymous said...

So if I read all of this correctly. The girl had a job at the Observer, and it seem most everyone like her stories. But in a moment of pure blondness she quit her job, (vs asked for a leave of absence)started to move to the west coast and something didn't work out (ie boyfriend, job, family) and she changed her mind. But the Observer wouldn't give her the time of day. So she is now doing her own thing and Cedar is promoting her photos and website. Well I hope it all works out for her. Seems Cedar knows women pretty well. Since he said "I know too well that Carolina Girls really hate LA and I suspect she'll be back." I guess he gets kudos for calling that. So where is Cedar's take on LA?

Anonymous said...

I hear you Anon 9:57. But maybe we should be asking Cedar how he liked Alison's father's day present? Why else would Cedar be promoting this girl, who now needs a job?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51 OK I give what the heck are you talking about Father's Day Present?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:13, I think Anon 10:51 has a good question. Of all the young women writing a blog, why does Cedar pick Alison to follow? How does he know so much about her job at the Bride magazine, her writing at Creative Loafing, her photography work? He's either someone who knows her personally or maybe he's someone with a family link, like a dad hoping to help her along, or an uncle, or brother. Or maybe he's on the road to stalkerland.

Anonymous said...

I think Alison Henry is great and the Observer never the sharpest tool in the shed, and not very smart on staff talent should have brought her back.

To the Cedar haters, I know him and he has a son 20 maybe 21 and as far as I know, no daughter. If I add it up right and guess just a little for Cedar to be Alison's dad he would have been in a lot of trouble in the 7th grade.

You could go with a Creative Loafing connection since he promoted Brittney Carson's blog a few weeks ago or maybe he just likes hot chicks?

As to the stalker part kinda hard to be an effective stalker when your already pretty well known.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Cedar is pushing traffic towards Miss Henry because of her looks. Once a player always a player if you ask me. I have it from very good sources he's was hooked up with one girl who he had at least a dozen years on. Check out his Hottie of week on August 9, 2010

Anonymous said...
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Cedar Posts said...

Oh come on!

First I don't know Alison Henry, I'm not her dad, or her stalker.

In fact I really doubt our paths have ever crossed since I'm pretty sure she lives way north and I live way south.

I just like her work, and her photos geezzzz.

I really hope if I pointed out that I like Katie Couric you wouldn't think I was her dad or that I hooked up with her after a Panthers game.

Anyways Couric isn't even on my women over 40 list.

Anonymous said...

You tell'em Allison! everyone seems to think they so much abut another person, that chit gets old!

QUIT ASSuming folks because it is your azz that always looks dumb!

Cedar, thanks for telling us about Allison, she is awesome and her stories are great. To tell ya the truth I would have never read her in the CO anyways since her topic was weddings. Never said I do cuz I don't .... roflmao!

Anonymous said...

the reason that alison wasn't rehired by the observer is pretty simple;

she was non-essential personnel. its really that simple.
the observer is hurting, as our advertising sales have been hit rather hard by the housing bubble bursting.

readership is down, but then again readership at newspapers is down across the nation...its just a dying medium.

when costs are tight, anyone who is not critical to the newspaper and its associated magazines aren't kept on payroll.

its tough, for certain, one our of ten citizens in charlotte have been cut loose or are unemployable.

thats life.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on Alison? Did she finally go to LA?