Sunday, October 17, 2010

Corey Thompson's Press Release Directed at BOCC Chairman Roberts - Yawn

Corey Thompson's campaign issued a press release late last week. It was so wordy I posted a comment begging Mr. Thompson to revise the release. And to drop me an email if he changed the content.

My comment was promptly deleted.

Years ago I was waiting to take delivery of a new Toyota 4 Runner. In the office they had one of those tacky motivational posters. This one read:

"Sampson slayed a lion with the jaw bone of an ass.... everyday a hundred car salesman kill deals the same way."

In other words sometimes you need to know when to shut up.

This famous quote also applies:

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Napoleon Bonaparte

I think you can see where I'm going with this.... Thompson didn't need to say anything, Dunlap had taken the bait offered by Bill James and he didn't need any help in looking like an idiot.

But Thompson's press release mistake was fatal on many levels, first it was too wordy, second it was extremely hubris, and finally it was not necessary and Roberts more than likely will not even not even respond.

I've been pretty disappointed in Thompson's campaign, his web site which started off in good form, has died a slow and painful death and now looks dated and stale. His on line events calendar is empty, not a big deal just real sloppy.

His resume' is impressive but in a way too impressive, with a overwhelming feel of embellishment.

But the over the top Press Release may prove fatal. Mecklenburg County taxpayers want someone who will listen to them and work with them, not someone who wants to talk down to them and do things his way. Mr. Thompson seems to have forgotten who goes to the polls on November 2nd Those who vote in midterm elections, by and large come in two type, retired and political junkies. Neither appreciate double talk and a slick Willy style.

The Press Release is below:

Political newcomer Corey Thompson challenges incumbent leadership of a Commission struggling to maintain control FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

October 13, 2010

CONTACT: Corey Thompson

PHONE NUMBER: 704-507-3875




Political newcomer challenges incumbent leadership of a Commission struggling to maintain control

Charlotte, NC- Corey Thompson, a political newcomer and Republican candidate for Mecklenburg County Commission At-Large, is calling on board Chairman Jennifer Roberts to issue a public statement of reprimand to those Commissioners who participated in what Thompson describes as “political irresponsibility” displayed during last week’s board meeting.

The event Thompson was referring to involved a heated confrontation between several board members, during which Democratic Commissioners berated and chastised their colleagues throughout what was originally intended to be a productive dialogue over policies and proposed solutions to critical problems in Mecklenburg County. Thompson added, “Instead of embracing the responsibility of the seat to which they were elected, several Democratic Commissioners turned the dais into a political pulpit, using the time typically allotted for discourse for their own self-promotion and political grandstanding. This took place while Commissioners were holding a regular-scheduled meeting funded by the taxpayers of Mecklenburg County.”

Perhaps the most disturbing moment came when District 3 Commissioner George Dunlap (D) conveyed an ominous warning about what would happen if Republicans took the majority of Commission chairs as a result of the upcoming elections, and then even went so far as to question the religious faith of a fellow board member. Said Thompson, “While there is no rule against using the dais for political posturing, it must be recognized that Commissioner Dunlap’s free political advertisement, and the questioning of a colleague’s faith, were a blatant misuse of the seat with which he has been entrusted.”

Thompson concluded, “Commission Chairman Jennifer Roberts has previously used her position to publicly reprimand Commissioners whose actions and attitudes at the dais have been unbecoming. She once again has the responsibility to challenge her colleagues, and to show that her leadership is not bound by party lines. The dais is not the place for mockery and blatant disregard for appropriate decorum. If Chairman Roberts and the incumbent leadership do not address the expectations of the seats to which they have been entrusted, the public may very well use the upcoming election as a referendum on the confidence they have in the current board.”


Anonymous said...

Well thanks for printing it anyw Cedar!

Corey is TOPs in my book :-) He is exactly what we need in Char-Meck, someone new w/morals & ethics! Add the other two Jim Pendergraph & Dan Ramirez who have the same qualities plus experience how can we loose!

These 3 can and will totally turn our County around for the GOOD! All three got my vote.

Lee Ann Patton, for District 2 got my vote as well .....

GO TEAM!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Cedar I think Thompson tried to take on Roberts via the side door was a pretty risky move. Let's hope it doesn't back fire.

Though I heard the same convo that you did, Pete and Lynn Wheeler and I'm sure it wasn't what he had hoped for, not that he isn't right he is.

Thanks for post it and keeping the discussion interesting.

Anonymous said...

Corey Thompson is nothing but a lowlife bigot. Mecklenburg will do well to steer clear of backwards nutjobs like Corey Thompson.

ThaQueenCity said...

Corey Thompson is a fantastic CMS teacher as is his wife. When I see them together they remind me what is really important and we need more of in our county and country:


I wish him much success!