Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teen Shot By CMPD Officers

Late Saturday CMPD officers responded to a 911 call. Dispatchers directed two officers to Brandie Glen Road and described the situation as a women "reporting being stabbed". At the same time medic was dispatched and well as Charlotte Fire.

When officers arrived they found the victim in the street in front of the residence, where she reported that the suspect might still be inside.

At this point the radio traffic ticked up. Additional officers were requested as the two officers approached the residence with their weapons drawn. Within seconds a man approached officers screaming in a profanity laced tirade. Both officers commanded the man to stop and drop his weapon (described as a shiny object in media reports). The man continued to yell and approach the officers.

A split second later officers fired at the man striking him multiple times. It turns out the man was the victim's teenage son and the shiny object was neither knife or gun.

(In a statement released early this morning police said "It appears that the son was on scene very upset."

One email to Cedar Posts suggested that the object was a cell phone.

Media reports say the young man was hit several times and was also transported to the CMC. He is expected to survive.)

At this point the radio traffic went crazy and total confusion erupted. Dozens of officers including Rodney Monroe arrived on the scene.

Shortly after getting the situation under control police arrested Bruce Jenkins 39 and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

But here is where thing go stupid. News media was held 2 blocks away as were many residents who live nearby, and the neighborhood quickly broke down into complete chaos.

By 11 PM Saturday, people who identified themselves as family members of the victims were at the scene, visibly angry, yelling and at times cursing. The decorum of the area was described by one CMPD officer as typical for this area. "You really need to be on your toes over here when something like this happens."

Chief Monroe refused to talk to the media on hand. Nine hours later the names of neither the officers involved or the victims have been released.

CP's thinking:

This is what is wrong with Rodney Monroe's CMPD, the general theme of deceit and cover up give the public a deep sense of wrong doing.

Cedar Posts thinking is based on emails from several sources: CMPD officers responded correctly given the situation. And while the teenage son of the stabbing victim was shot several times, his failure to comply with officers instructions left them little choice.

Cedar Posts Update:

According to a CMPD statement officer Matt Wilson has been placed on administrative leave pending completion of an investigation. While details are not completely clear the CMPD statements say a 15 year old male approached office Wilson carrying a large knife office Wilson commanded the subject to drop the knife and stop. When he continued to advance towards officer Wilson the officer discharged his weapon striking the subject.


Anonymous said...

Just another quality night of fun in Darkeyville.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of Rodney's training camp which is NON-existent! These cops are out there on their own, Rodney supports NO ONE but himself!

Anonymous said...

Did the kid expect a warm and fuzzy reception? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

The police think they need to shoot first and sort out the facts later.

Anonymous said...

As a citizen of this town I am sick and tired of the choas that some people cause then immediately turn around and blame the officers!

IF a cop tells you to drop, DROP IT and more than likely you will NOT be shot!

This is not a black and white issue this is a "stupid" issue!

Just like the man who was shot in Madison Park! HE was white and got shot too because HE did not follow orders!

Anonymous said...

Let's see whitey cops bang bang a black kid in a north charlotte hood, so I am not shocked are you?

Anonymous said...

October 17, 2010 4:43 PM

Monroe is that YOU?

Anonymous said...

This could have been two murders or more. While I think the cops who shot the kid over reacted, the whole thing should have been avoided.

Momma should have raised the kid better and she should have taken her BS lifestyle somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

the bad guy went to jail. the dumb juvenile went to the hospital on his way to jail. momma went to the hospital. the officer went home safe and sound. sounds like a good shooting. close this case and move on to the next one.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you got this one right. Sorry the kid got hurt, but given the facts, the area and the people involved it was bound to happen.

What is it with black people anyway? Are they just that stupid? I really don't want too think that but there not much choice.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I think this one might just go the other way. Seems the police are being really quiet about this and if you read the Observer's accounting the kid was on his knees when on of the officers starting shooting.

Kinda odd if you ask me.

The Observer report differs from you first post.

Please stay on this one.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, not one blog about the white male SHOOTING at the police. However comments ranging from DARKEYVILLE to bad parenting about a 15 year old who who was obviously upset his mother was stabbed.

Anony 12:22 Drop what? What did the kid have to drop? If you shoot someone 5 times they better have a knife or gun.....

Anonymous said...

I'll go all in that he has a record, is at some alternative school, etc, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just read the observer report this morning. I got to say, I'm no cop but if I just arrived to find a woman stabbed and some knucklehead walking up the street with a knife and THEN he refused my orders to drop it, why shouldn't I shoot?

Sounds like a bad situation the cop was put in and yes, the momma should have raised her son better than that. The son is an idiot.