Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The most contested political race in Mecklenburg County will be the County Board of Commissioners At-Large contest. Seven candidates with only the top three vote getters elected.

If you don't like the way Mecklenburg County Government is run, and if the thought of increased property taxes makes you feel used and abused, then this may be your best chance for a little pay back.

If you've had enough of Harry Jones, the Giving Tree, and all the accounting funny business at DSS and the County Health Department, the first Tuesday in November is your day.

If you are tired of huge bonuses being paid to county management, while school teachers are laid off and library hours are cut in half, and if you don't want to see your child's school closed, or your kids sports program cut, then this is your best chance to make a difference.

Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (pictured left to right)
Front row: Vilma Leake (District 2), Harold Cogdell, Jr. (Vice-Chairman, At-Large),
Jennifer Roberts (Chairman, At-Large), Dan Murrey (At-Large), Karen Bentley (District 1). Back Row: George Dunlap (District 3), Dumont Clarke (District 4), Bill James (District 6), Neil Cooksey (District 5).

Above the current BOCC and the center three in first row, from now on to be known as the The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. These three Democrats have let Harry Jones make a joke out of Mecklenburg County and in the process they have taken cronyism to a new and disgusting level.

Cedar Posts is targeting The Good (Dr. Dan Murrey) The Bad (Harold Cogdell, Jr) and The Ugly (Jennifer Roberts) for elimination on November 2, 2010. It is not just time to take back American back, but also time to take back Mecklenburg County.

"The Good" Dr. Murrey besides backing Leake, Dunlap and Roberts on nearly every vote and being a solid supporter of Harry Jones may be one of the reasons our school system is in such dire straights today. Dr. Murrey was a member of both the 2006 Mecklenburg County School Building Solutions Committee, and a member of the 2007 Mecklenburg County Education Budget Advisory Committee. Both committees get failing grades in preparing CMS for the economic tsunami of 2008/2009.

"The Bad", Attorney Harold Cogdell, Jr often a voice of reason among board members follows Jennifer Roberts and fellow democrats lead on nearly every issue. This lap dog should be put out of the house, perhaps to higher office where yes men are respected.

"The Ugly" truth is that Jennifer Roberts is Harry Jones' biggest cheerleader and has turned a blind eye to a year long expose' of corruption and wrong doing within Mecklenburg County Government at Jones direction. Had Jones been the CEO at Bank of America he would have been removed from office long ago. But as far as Roberts is concerned Harry Jones deserved not only a big pat on the back but a pay raise as well!

Roberts is leading the crusade to increase your property taxes, and refuses to commit to a revenue neutral tax rate.

Enough is Enough because Charlotte/Mecklenburg deserves better.

It is time to put some common sense back on the BOCC by voting for Dan Ramirez, Jim Pendergraph and Corey Thompson on November 2, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Cedar Posts you are so right these 3 idiots are planning to raise our property taxes and only hope we have is to vote these 3 out of office.

I'm with you and voted for Dan Ramirez, Jim Pendergraph and Corey Thompson yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The pic is one of total devastation and corruption! PLEASE take it down, it is polluting you site...roflmao!


Anonymous said...

I thought Cedar was just blowing smoke about Roberts wanting jacj up property taxes. Damn everything I've read she's saying we need to look, address or consider the needs of the community.

That says higher property taxes in 2011 to me.

Anonymous said...

Cedar why aren't you calling for Leake and Dunlap to go? I agree Roberts is ugly that face could stop but Leake is really ugly and stupid.

Anonymous said...

You morons go ahead and vote for those rightwing tea douche baggers. They will ruin this country.

Anonymous said...

Cedat I think it is wrong that you labled Roberts UGLY.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY I could vote for that bigot Corey Thompson. If you are against equality, against civil rights, and in favor of bullying and bigotry then vote for Corey Thompson.

Anonymous said...

Corey Thompson is an awful candidate - he has nothing good to say about Charlotte and has offered no specifics for change. His words are derivative fluff typical of politicians and wanna-bes. At least Pendegraph offers some insight on how he would change things. Furthermore Thompson believes all humans are *not* created equal and would do all he can to codify that. What a shame such ignorant people still exist in 2010.

ugly george said...

Shocking that your County Boss George Dunlap would be called "Good,Bad & Ugly" for the devious purpose of keywording to famed NYC cableTV star Ugly George and his 500 million links. Said politico has never picked up a Hot Chick in Albemarle & gotten her nude on TV and is thus (handily) outranked by TV stars!