Friday, October 15, 2010

Idiot Tweet(s) of the Week!

@EdwinPeacockIII: "Just had the pleasure of introducing CMPD Police Chief Rodney Monroe and his wife Marvette to our Sunday School Class."

@EdwinPeacockIII: "The Chief was our 3rd speaker in the series: Leadership, Biblical Life Lessons. He did a great job. Thanks Chief Monroe!"

Peacock the 3rd is one of Chief Monroe's primary supporters who time and time again sucks up, then gulps down the Monroe kool-aid and leaves with a happy face. With Peacock the 3rd's actions regarding Marcus Jackson and his look the other way when it comes to CMPD management it doesn't surprise us that he'd post the above idiot tweets.


Anonymous said...

With as many lies that Monroe has told, I'm surprised that anyone would ask him to speak in a church, much less on biblical life lessons.

But that's how he rolls, and he probably thinks a lot like his "protege", foster, when it comes to bible stuff. You know, how she would not help someone who didn't share her beliefs?

It's that old saying "physician heal thyself". How about monroe work on cleaning up his own "house" before he goes around preaching to others.

Let's start by him admitting that he does not have a legitimate college degree and that he ruined the lives of others at VCU, how about a little "atonement" for that.

Then we could go on to his many, many other transgressions since he has been at CMPD....too many to list but everyone there, (and monroe) know what they are.

And Peacock is what his name implies, a strutting little vainglory "pretty" bird that makes horrible noises and irritates and annoys.

These two are actually very much alike....birds of a feather and all that.

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest here, I would not want Monroe preaching HIS values, beliefs, morals and ethics to my kids! Matter of fact the only example I could ever use him for would all be bad.....

Anonymous said...

What kind of Church would invite Rodney Monroe to speak to kids? The only thing Monroe needs to be doing in chuch is praying for forgivness!

Anonymous said...

Peecrock is pretty out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me?

Monroe said, on the news this morning, that "an Officer had shot the suspect"....

When you are the "chief", do you make that kind of determination, At The Scene, and tell the media that is your conclusion?

Do you say that kind of thing Before IA investigates, and On an ongoing investigation???

What an absolute failure this guy is.

Anonymous said...

Pete on WBT Radio asked Lynn Wheeler if she thought Peacock would run for mayor. Her reply "He can run but he'll never get elected".


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:11
Now that's funny!