Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mecklenburg and York County Congress Picks

No one wants to back a loser and while winners in political races are usually easier to pick than college football games this year may not be the norm.

US House of Representatives District 8 - Here's the toughest race in North Carolina as I see it. Larry Kissell vs Harold Johnson. This race will go down to the wire. Kissell was swept into office on a wave of Obama mania defeating Robin Hayes 55 to 45 percent. With very little help from the RNC Johnson may still be able to squeeze out a win. If he does, we'll hope that Harold Johnson sheds the "big guy" image and gives Nancy Pelosi some serious HELL!

Larry Kissell

Harold Johnson

US House of Representatives District 9

Seems time and age have taken a toll on Charlotte's best known politician Sue Myrick. She's always been just a little quirky and odd but lately she seems just weird. Her long running feud with Muslims and Latinos had done nothing to help Charlotte. Much of her rhetoric is so far out in right field most of us just tune her out. Let's hope a close race gives her a wake up call.

Jeff Doctor

Sue Myrick

US House of Representatives District 12

You might as well vote for the worst. Mel is Charlotte's minority representative in congress. The 12 district designed to give African Americans a voice in congress. If you live in Mr. Watts district there really is no other choice. So vote for the winner. Republicans are smart enough to pick other battles.

Mel Watt

Greg Dority

US House of Representatives York and Lancaster County

U.S. Rep. John Spratt has been around just about forever in fact 28 years is long enough. The old goat's time is up and fiscally conservative State Senator Mick Mulvaney should come out on top. But Spratt's attack ads featuring a failed development are getting notice, even if the ad uses a twisted set of facts to connect Mulvaney to the project. Cedar Posts says time for the old goat to go back to the farm.

John Spratt

Mick Mulvaney


Anonymous said...

Harold Johnson - Yes
Sue Myrick - Yes
Greg Dority - Yes
Mick Mulvaney - Yes

Anonymous said...

Kissell is an idiot, that I'll grant you. But Harold Johnson? Come on! And Jeff Doctor over Sue Myrick, are you kidding me? Some boob who's only voted once in his life, only recently moved here, and babbles like a fundamentalist Baptist on Sunday? Scheeze, man.