Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Next Governor of South Carolina?

Photos of Nikki Haley continue to circulate that show Haley wearing traditional Hindu gagra choli and a bindi.

Honestly I'm not sure about this. Frankly my knowledge of Hinduism and the Siki religion Niki Haley was raised with before converting to Christianity is really limited. The Hindus I know seem like good people.

Being raised an Episcopalian makes you think everyone drives either a BMW or Mercedes and that the Dolly Lama is a farm animal in an eastern Tennessee theme park's petting zoo.

So I'll let the folks at FITSNEWS take it from here.

In the interest of full disclosure the man behind FITSNEWS is Will Folks one of two men who have claimed to have "hit it" at one time or another, something that Haley denies.

But based on Haley's inability to pay her taxes on time, her inability to draw a clear line between fact and fiction Cedar Posts suggests

Thumbs Down as far as electing her to South Carolina's highest office.

More on Nikki Haley from the Charleston City Paper is here.


Anonymous said...

I like to pun on "Dali Lama"... cute, but like you point out her issue with paying taxes would be my issue with supporting her. Other than that her former conquests are here nor there, if we are going to point these out let's go to the other candidates bedroom as well! I have a feeling since it is a male his would not be seen as negatively as hers... discrimination is alive and well as we all know in SC, and it is not always about race.

What's really sad is I had to look-up to remember who she was running against, not a good, not a good thing at all. Her name is in the media more, good or bad and for the uninformed that MAY be what gets her in.

Hinduism is actually an interesting religion. Like you I have several Hindu friends, most are hard workers & very family oriented, something more Americans need to work on ....

In closing I have have to say anyone would be better than Mark Sanford!

Anonymous said...

If I read intot his correctly, she's not fit for office, partial because of her religion...
SC has been run by zealots and bible thumpers for years, with the end result being a race to the bottom in every social and educational catagory.
Maybe it is time for CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

I agree Cedar I just can't see going from one scandal plagued governorship to another.

I'd like to see Haley promise to resign if any shade in of scandal shows up during her 4 years.

Otherwise I'm voting for whatshisname.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I will look at all of your choices, and vote the opposite.

You are so blatant in your prejudices.

Putting up a picture with her in her
parents traditional clothing, probably worn to honor her parents?
That's low, brother, really low.

You are taking a page from the Glenn Beck book, and he is certifiably insane.

Are you going to cry next?

IMHO, 99.9% of ALL politicians are disingenuous and unqualified....that's how they got to be "politicians".

Seems like a job right up your alley, Cedar.

JAT said...

Dunno, looks sorta crypto-Mormon to me.

And Baal knows that you cannot possibly trust political power to someone who does not pray -- in the exact same way as you do -- to exactly the same gods as you do.

Me, if I'm registered in SC -- I'm figuring out how the Citadel ring-knockers are voting -- and voting EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE.

Good luck sand-lappers -- from a former lapper.

Anonymous said...

Overt religious garb is acceptable only if it glorifies the ONE and ONLY God and his son Jesus H. Christ. Thou shalt not worship false idols, put dots on your forehead, pray at the feet of some Kraut Bishop in Rome in a funny hat, or bear witness as a lizard on a rock loving Morman. And God forbid anyone should vote for a Jew! Count me in, Cedar. I'm with you all the way on this one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35

That's what YOUR book of fiction says.

It makes about as much sense as other books of fiction that other "worshipers" adhere to....none.

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to read the City Paper story. It's the like Cedar put up at the very end of his posting. Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Racist! And that's ok by me. But clearly Cedar Posts is a narrow minded Bigot who would rather see this county run by white, protestant men.

If it bothers you some much Cedar why don't you move to a county were being a Hindu is against the law?

Anonymous said...

People like you are a shame to your country and make me feel so fortunate to have been born and bred in a country like Canada where issues of race/religion stay where they belong, in the home!
Pay attention to her policy and what she hopes to achieve if elected; what would her religion (whatever it may be) or what she's wearing (which I think happens to be quite beautiful) have anything do with her being able to fulfill her duties to the people of South Carolina!?
And quite honestly, get yourself some culture, it'll only open up your mind and help you realize that we all are really no different than one another; we all want the same things in life, to be happy and healthy.
This current wave of bigotry amongst mostly white America fuelled by idiots like Palin and O'Reilly is deplorable and is a total disservice to any progress made on the Civil Rights front and really in every other arena if people are being instantly judged by the skin colour and religion instead of being merited and respected for wanting to serve their country. Americans have never really known to be a bright bunch (in case you didn't know) but all of this nonsensical racist "take-back America" tea-party-type blabber mostly from the right and that is taking over America is laughable and well..just makes those who support it (unfortunately a growing number of Americans who allow channels like Fox news do the "thinking" or lack of it I should say for them)look like even bigger idiots. And trust me, this is how the world sees it. So, really, you idiots, Cedar Posts being one, may think you're doing your country proud but TRUST ME, you're not!
And if I remind some of you bigots...America, just like Canada, is not nor has ever been the white man's country; both were forcibly taken from the indigenous Native peoples and so even the whites were once immigrants...just thought I'd throw that in there because it seems as if some people talk as if they own this country and that coloured folks are merely renting out....
Anyway, God help you Cedar Posts and people alike and more importantly, God help your country. Peace