Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Odds and Ends

Seven Days Seven Candidates

With only seven days left before election day, Cedar Posts presents the local seven names that will save taxpayers money, make our life safer and in many cases help keep the tax collector out of our pocket.

Andrew Murray
Dan Ramirez
Corey Thompson
Jim Pendergraph
Harold Johnson
Mick Mulvaney
Debbie Ware


Michael Harvey Indicted

No real surprise news here, but to make the murder charge formal, a Mecklenburg grand jury charged Harvey for murder in connection with the September death of Valerie Hamilton the daughter of Concord's police chief.

Harvey, 34, was also indicted on a charge of larceny of a motor vehicle - a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer. The vehicle belonged to an acquaintance of Harvey's and was used in his escape to Western New York.

Cedar Posts has learned that the toxicology report has been in the hands of officials for two weeks but that they are not yet ready to make the contents public.

Firebird Feels The Love

According to Mark Washburn, more than 50 sturdy, mirrored tiles around the base of "Firebird," the official greeter of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, are busted.

"Lower ones, maybe from accidental collisions with skateboards.

Upper ones, including a hand-sized tile six feet off the ground, are a mystery."

Unless you consider kids who are Michael Jordon wannabes. "watch me smack this dude where it hurts"

Kudos to CMPD's Rodney Monroe

Cedar Posts has been an advocate for the guys on the street, but seldom have I found joy in some idea that comes down from the white porcelain throne. But here's an idea that makes sense, the return of the Paddy Wagon or in CMPD parlance "transport".

So props to Chief Monroe for this idea!

The idea is simple rather than have arresting officers take those in custody all the way downtown to the the intake center they simply call for transport. This is a great idea because in allows the arresting officer to hit the streets and catch more bad guys.

Of course a good idea with bad execution is just a bad idea. While in concept this is great thinking, but Charlotte/Mecklenburg has only three "transport" vans, one which is broken and currently out of service.

According to one officer assigned to "transport" their instructions are to deliver as many prisoners from the streets to the intake center as they can. This often leaves officers in South and North divisions sitting on the side of the road for an hour or more.

So how about some funding for a couple of new prisoner transport vans?


Anonymous said...

Seven Days Seven Candidates:

Michael Harvey Indicted
Just because he got indicted does not mean he will be found guilty...I hope the DA is smart enough to give the jury a few more options, i.e. manslaughter.

Firebird Feels The Love
THAT IS THE UGLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN! and I hope my tax $ are NOT being used to fly this sicko artist in and out!

Kudos to CMPD's Rodney Monroe
All I can say is this idea did NOT come from Rodney, you have to have a brain to have ideas...LOL. So whoever came up with this idea, thank you! and I agree we need a few more vans, but hasn't Rodney already spent the 2011 budget?

Anonymous said...

The van idea came up several times in the past but it was the Entertainment District Unit (Central Division) in 2005 that implemented the transport van. It was not Rodney Monroe. The idea was then floated to then D/C Stephens to get them for the districts. The van was used on occasion to go out into other districts before they bought two more. He can’t take credit for everything here. Starting to sound like BHO.