Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Women Arrested on Sex Charges Speaks Out

Maybe the headline should Charlotte Escort vents?

I thought this was an interesting response from Kristie Browning Carpenter who was arrested a couple Fridays ago.

Cedar Posts prior coverage of the arrest of Kristie Browning Carpenter is here.

Hard to tell who she's raging at CP, the ex-client/stalker? In it's unedited version is Kristie's response.

Geez, Thanks for making me one of the top 3 searched in the Charlotte area. This is all a result of the arrogant asshole who has been stalking me since early May. The bastard did buy me a car in exchange for an arranged marriage in order to get him legal in this country. Now that I have dropped the car back off with him, this is his twisted way of getting back at me for rejecting his sick ass. I just want to set the record straight...

1. If I was an escort he has been calling he would have had the correct phone number not some pulled out of the air shit from what is probably the real escort he has been calling.

2. I am not, and never have been, a "coke whore". And if I was why would I allegedly be charging $200/hour when all I would need if $25-$50 for a quick fucking hit.

3. If I only cater to upscale men, why the hell would I be with a middle-management IT douche bag who isn't even a citizen from a bank.

4. The only reason he did this was to try and hurt me and cause me to lose my kids which he knows is what would hurt the most.

5. He has gone as far as to state he could kill me and be on the next flight out of the country and never get caught.(The police have all this information, so CEDAR if you wanna follow a story try getting it right for a change.)

6. Finally, this is my life, and last time I check this was a free country, I can whatever the hell I want with it. I am a happily married women and the last thing I need to do is "whore myself out" as you put it, my husband takes damn good care of me and our kids.

So, Naseem Mohammed, please find you next victim somewhere else. My friends and family who know the shit that he has put me through knows that this is a completely fabricated pile of shit, and to everyone else who chooses to believe everything you read take your head out of your asses and go to hell.

Naseem will be the first to get this due to his computer alerting him to everything that comes up on the net with my name on it. At least I had the balls to post with my real name and not under anonymous like everyone else.

Kristie Browning Carpenter


Anonymous said...

Nothing like getting a stern dressing-down by a prostitute! It's like being yelled at by a bum for being stingy.

How, exactly, was this marriage arranged? Did she and the husband "arrange" this marriage? Or, was it the sort of $200 an hour type? Inquiring minds want some Tylenol.

Nothing makes a story more convoluted than the guilty party's attempt at "setting it straight". This is usually code for "deny everything".

Let's look at the bullets shall we:
1. The story went that the prostitute was called by the "madam". It doesn't suprise anyone that it was another number. Notice how she NEVER says she WASN'T an escort (i.e. prostitute)

2. Another Non-denial. She doesn't say that she isn't a prostitute, just not a "coke-whore". It is interesting to note that she is aware of the going price for cocaine.

3. Another Non-denial. Being an equal opportunity prostitute is still a prostitute.

4. Ah, okay. The "marriage" business that resulted in getting a car, a solicitation arrest and known history of prostitution notwithstanding, it's the BLOG that will cause her to lose her kids.

5. She, again, neither denied the behavior nor receiving the car for "marriage." She gets a pass on all that, he "goes so far" to threaten her which loosely means this is AS FAR as he went.

6. Not only a non-denial, but a proclamation that she can do whatever (prostitution) she wants to do (prostitute) because this is a free country (where prostitution is illegal). Being happily married is a plus I'm sure and I bet the kids are proud. Can't wait to see their faces on "career day" in school.

Finally, I must address the "anonymous" dig at the rest of us mere mortals. Unlike this fine young women, we do not wish to be associated with her, and her oldest chosen profession, in ANY context. Unlike some, we have some taste...and class.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10/26/10 at 10:40 p.m.:

Dude, you had me after the first sentence.

After that, it was all "Blah, blah, blah PROSTITUTE."

Blah, blah, blah, Coke Whore."

Anonymous said...

Anom 10:40- you are one piece of dog shit. Ms. Carpenter is obviusly a sex worker- Does that make her any less of a person? Of less value then Billy Graham, or the Pope, or Muhhamed or Alla.

One last thing 1040- The men that engaged Ms. Carpenter's services that posted on on of the links that Cedar linked to, seemed quite happy with the transaction.

Guy spends $200 to have the best sex he has ever had in his life, Ms. Carpenter is happy to have a new an loyal client- If someone would explain how society is hurt by this situation, I am all ears.

Gotta go to work more later

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, I am ALL confused...so she married an illegal alien so he could be legal...yet she hates him? But the she says he takes good care of her?

WHICH IS IT? Is she married to the illegal or someone else? OK, I am way confused and apparently she is too....

By the way sweetie, could you please complete the words in your comments here. I mean I am not the best speller in the world ...but some of us are tired after a long day of work and we don't speak 'hoe ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 11:47 is a co-"worker". Ouch, such language!

"Does this make her less of a person?" Yes, a less moral person. Not sure what you mean by value, by the pound or by the hour? I'm not sure what the Pope or Billy would charge for a hummer but you can ask. Probably won't get an answer from Mohammed or Alla though, just saying.

"Sex worker"??? She's a whore, period.

Yes the men that used her services seem happy with their results. I never said she wasn't a good whore.

The fact that you have to ask how this hurts society tells me all I need to know about your own morals. Can't wait for you to get back from "work".

Anonymous said...

Dude obviously ur really hurting and u need to seriously go find a new life and for u to put this womans kids out there is really sick..... who really gives a fuck about ur stupid ass getting played dust urself off and try again..... get over it already u fell in love and got played.....the joke was all on u for thinking u could turn a hoe inhto a housewife... dumb fucking douche bag...

12:25 Do Over

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me how one can claim this girl had no morals and in the same sentence put himself out there as a victim when he was the one that made the call. I guess he has morals..... his mother should be so proud.. I think everyone should ask the question why is this boy not man is going through such great lengths to hurt this girl and her family especially considering he claims she was a hooker someone please answer that??? Also if you really pay close attention a lot of these comments were made from this psycho himself it is so obvious... dude get over yourself you are sounding very pathetic

Anonymous said...

$200? Hell I've seen better hookers out by the paperdoll on Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

Ah- Naseem Mohammed is the john's name. A nice Irish lad, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is some wild shit.

Billy Fehr said...

Anon 1905hrs, Thanks for the Hoot.

Anonymous said...

At first, I'd say yeah I'd hit it for @200.00 but when I read her crazy rant I figured I'd be better look elsewhere for "entertainment"

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to pay close attention to the facts... I know this girl personally and she is married to her children's father and they have been together for 14 years and when she met Naseem aka "BOA IT GUY" he didn't know nothing about her or her family or that she was already married. He knew she was dealing with alot of things at that time so he told her he would buy her a new car and give her some money if she would agree to marry him. At that time he was employed with Wells Fargo, and the process to get him legal in the US would take 6 years so he came to my girl and asked her to marry him.. He had already bought the car and given it to her before she even had time to discuss things... Please know she was not talking about NASEEM MOHAMMED being a wonderful husband or father.... This guy is playing the victim when the real victims are her kids when will all this end she is trying to move on with her life but this sick twisted individual can't seem to leave her alone. He has taken it upon himself to send her kids school all this mess... WHY?? You don't see her going around posting shit all over the internet she simply just wants him to leave her alone and as long as everyone keeps feeding into all this he won't stop. I bet he NEVER said anywhere in his blogs that he sits outside her house everyday or that the police got him last week leaving her neighborhood or that she got a restraining order against him for threatening her life... But then again why would he tell you all that because he wants to keep playing the "victim" Your time is coming Naseem..... I hope your mother is proud of you... You claim Kristie has no morals please tell me what it is that you have by doing this???

Anonymous said...

If you google her phone number that Mr. IT posted it comes up with nearly 200 ads on Back Page and Craig's and the photos are Kristie Carpenter.

One of the comments claims she's been married 14 years? WTF she was a child bride? Because in her ads she claims to be 24.

If she played his bride or really did marry the guy so he could get resident alien status I'd hope the Feds are reading this and lock them both up.

I think her gig is over, her game is busted.

The only reason her kids are in this mess is her real husband learned of her sideline biz and she got busted. Or worse...So....

A. He ran for the door and took the kids. or...

B. He's a complete tool and has been sitting around the house while she did all the work.

Her biggest mistake working in the same town where she lives.

I hope DSS takes the kids and ICE locks her up the Towel Head and Dad/Real Husband up.

If she is dumb enough to post the above response she needs to be locked up to protect her from herself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is so hilarious.. keep it coming..
a dbag and a hoe..

lets pay close attention to facts, shall we?
1) why was this happily married girl for 14 years been prostituting for last (xxx) months?
2) why take a car and money (the douche was talking about lot of money)
from a sex client?
3) where was the husband who took care of her every needs? was he the pimp?
4) he clearly was there for the taking right? and she took full advantage of the douche! haha..
5) now shall we move the allegation of stalking. You said he was picked by police in her neighbourhood? so that would be violation of the restraining order right?
check this link out
now i go to this site
i see nothing?

if you really want us to beleive your story, can you back the facts with some documents...

happy Halloween everyone

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering why she was arrested on a fugitive warrant in 2008?

Does this sound like someone who should have any kids?


Anonymous said...

I give her a 4 on the 10 point scale. And a -4 for the keep it on the down low scoring.

Just so those outside of CMPD vice know how this works. Most the girls don't trust anyone so they ask for references. The smart ones won't take on a "new" client unless they are at least two good references.

So who better to give the thumbs up than someone with a visible presence on-line than Ms. Carpenter.

Just being busted, vice gives her an option, lesser charges for a little help. So vice cop makes a call to someone they've targeted, she of course wants a reference and Ms. Carpenter number is given. Now Ms. Carpenter rats out a few of her clients and some girls.


Vice can't stop the sex trade but they can keep it in check. If you're out there with ads showing your face your either really stupid or really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't everyone on this site just grow up she got fuckin caught, what is the fucking big deal, it is not like she is the first woman to ever get busted for solicitation. But because, a disgruntled JOHN puts all of her business online, we are here speculating on whether or not she is a good mother or even a descent person. And lose her kids, thats a fuckin joke, why doesn't he lose his job for surfing the internet all fucking day. And as to the charge in 2008, if you do a little more clicking, you will find that is was a Driving on Suspend...which has since been resolved. What made her a "fugitive" is the fact that she moved out of state why the case was still pending. This is just a thought for every man out there, next time your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother leaves your house maybe she is a member of the oldest profession out there. Maybe we should just force them all to wear ankle bracelets with a GPS tracking chip since this is a fucking big deal. No one really knows what this woman has honestly been through, except that she is a prostitute with kids. What kind of twisted fucking asshole calls a prostitute, pays her for the services, then spends the next 5 months making her life a living hell for some reason known only to his sorry ass. EGO! There is our answer. Dude get the fuck over it! It probably isn't the first time this has happened to you, and since you seem stupid enough to fall in love with a hooker, we all know it won't be the last time you get your fragile little ego hurt.

Anonymous said...

I have seen her a couple of times. She's ok she has great oral goes at it like a lap dog. But her tits are pretty droopy major turn off.

She has two really bad teeth so be warned kissing is not something you want with her anyway.

Overall I give her a 6 and I know she's at least 30 but looks closer to 40

Anonymous said...

She looks like a poster child for STD avoidence

Anonymous said...

To the hooker chick, sweetheart as my grandfather used to say:

Lie with dogs and y'all will get fleas.

Anonymous said...

For the guy who saw her and said her tits are droopy, her tits are small and hard as a rock when you get her going and her teeth are perfect. You must have been on drugs when you saw the lady. She does fuck like a mink. mmmmmmmm.