Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tweet of the Week! Bipolar Edition

@soluvleigh: I'm irritated. Certain people are really starting to annoy me!!! #leavemealone!!!! #thatisall

Then 5 minutes later

@soluvleigh: Bacon wrapped filet, rice and spinach...yummy. Then movie night with my fave and off to bed. ☺

Then 5 minutes later....

We'll let's just say I'm hoping not to hear the police scanner come alive.

If you don't follow @soluvleigh you need to it's none stop and never ending, the girl never sleeps.


Anonymous said...

That is funny as hell. Sounds like she's a single parent. Just say NO to ready made families!

Anonymous said...

Ya I read her tweets too def single mom. Got to give props for cutting the dad loose tho. That takes some balls. IAJS

Anonymous said...

I agree Cedar She's good for a laugh nearly every day.