Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cedar's Picks Election 2010

Dan Ramirez

Republican for Mecklenburg County Commission

Few people I've met over the years impress me like Dan Ramirez. Serious, hard working, and greatly concerned about Charlotte and Mecklenburg County.

The sur name confuses a lot of people, many who expect democrat are surprised to find they are talking to a fiscally conservative Republican.

Currently the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners has 3 at large, tax and spend democrats, Roberts, Cogdell and Murrey who were elected on the Obama wave of 2008.

Since the beginning of 2009 Mecklenburg County has been rocked by one, scandal after another. Giving Tree, DSS, ABC Board, Mental Health so many red flags but the BOCC did nothing.

Now the same board that has looked the other way as Harry Jones ruled his empire without regard for the taxpayer, plans on giving Mecklenburg County citizens the biggest tax hike in years, to help balance Harry Jones' budget.

Of all the votes you can make on November 2nd this is the one that will directly affect your checking account. We need to take back Washington but more importantly we need to take back Mecklenburg County.

Tell the BOCC:


VOTE FOR DAN RAMIREZ on November 2nd!

Cedar Post's Targets Democrats Roberts, Cogdell and Murrey. Read The Good, The Bad and The Ugly here.


Anonymous said...

I agree Cedar....and along with him we need Jim Pendergraph and Corey Thompson!

For those of us who live in District 2 if you are as sick as I am of the Vilma leech PLEASE get out and vote for Lee Ann Patton!

WE DESERVE SOMEONE who actually UNDERSTANDS what is needed in our District! VOTE Lee Ann Patton!

FYI... Vilma's "church friends" will be loading up vans of people tomorrow (just as I predicted she would a month ago) and taking them to the polls tomorrow!

These people are from nursing homes and the streets! PLEASE get out and vote for Lee Ann and let the leech KNOW we are sick of her! PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

He is a republican? I never knew that!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes...VOTE FOR DAN, JIM AND COREY! We deserve fiscal responsibility from our elected officials. I would also like to tell taxpayers to VOTE FOR BARBARA EVELAND - District 3. George Dunlap has already proposed the 1/4cent sales tax AND can't wait for revaluation to take place(that's a 20-30% increase on your property taxes folks)...he stated in his Observer questionaire that he doesn't "agree" w/the deficit but that the revaluation will help solve the problems THEY created!(I'm paraphrasing)
VOTE OUT THE TAX AND SPEND LIBERALS! VOTE Barbara Eveland for Dist.#3!!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Dan lags the other two Republicans in the poll to the right, am I the only one who thinks this is because of his last name?

BTW I'll 100% with Cedar Posts on this one, not voting for Dan would be a big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Please don't let Roberts win this election and can't think of anything that could be more wrong than the worthless woman being re-elected.

Dan, Jim and Corey for BOCC!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that we need to clean house. Ramirez is NOT the man to lead the way however. He's as much of a blow-hard, do nothing, fink as Bill James. And a token to boot. We need dynamic free-thinking leadership, not some Republican party line rubber stamp like Ramirez. I'll hold my nose and vote for him, Pendergraph too. Only because these two hacks can serve as place-holders until we can find real leadership.