Friday, October 22, 2010

You Might Not Like It

A little housekeeping.

I have received a rather nasty email about my coverage of the Valerie Hamilton murder.

This author's choice to post details about the Valerie Hamilton case was not taken lightly. While some might feel that posting Ms. Hamilton's arrest for DWI and Driving After Consuming Under the Age of 21 was low and shameless, it is still a fact and helps ro understand where the case was going.

Local news media is often constrained by budget cuts and political pressure, where as blogs like Cedar Posts are considerably better at chasing down information and thinking outside the box.

Sometimes this blog gets it wrong.

Many of the comments posted about the Valerie Hamilton murder were critical of my questioning as to whether or not Ms. Hamilton as a party girl and drug user.

I'm not 100% certain I got it right. I know the toxicology report has been on hand since last Wednesday and suspect that the reason we have not heard the details is that it is not a pretty picture.

Other themes of criticism in the past have been, you can't spell, you are racist, you don't understand basic grammar and someone was even low enough to crack on my ever thinning hair.

I'm pretty tough skinned and rarely delete comments, even those comments that are really nasty or attack me personally.

However I have zero tolerance for people you put F-bombs all over a otherwise PG post. That's just stupid and I have no patience for stupid.

And in that thinking, (Stupid) sending an email that threatens to poison my dogs even if just a nasty taunt is pretty low.

But let me sum it up with a quote from Mark Wahlberg "The Shooter" Bobby Lee: "You don't understand how serious this is. They killed my dog".

I can't think of any better excuse to exercise my right to bear and use arms than doing something to one of my dumb totally lovable Labs.

Nuff said Cedar Out!


Anonymous said...

First off, my animals are part of my family, you come near them you will be hurt....and possibly toted off in the back of a van and that would NOT be an ambulance!

As a recovering alcoholic & addict I was just a sorry as anyone to hear about Ms. Hamilton's death, but I have to be honest.

Had that been me or any other "unknown" we would have been tried in the public eye & blamed for our own death by the same people who tried to keep Valerie's past a secret! Secrets are what kill an addict to begin with, they kill the spirit and soul....and yes I know from personal experience.

I for appreciate your reporting of the truth! Does that make the idiot who caused this any less culpable, not in my eyes. His actions were deplorable and I hope he pays dearly!

Addiction knows no boundaries, not race, gender, or socio-economical standing, it can and does affect MANY across all lines!

I am so sorry she passed away when she could have possibly lived had the sicko in jail gotten her medical help!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Cedar. Don't mess with my dogs!

But you got to accept that saying the truth some people don't want to hear will really piss some people off.

Keep up the good work and forget about the haters.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well, I will protect my four legged children just as much as I would protect the other two legged members of my family!

Anonymous said...

So some nut job sends a threatening email and says he is going to poison your dogs and your response is that you will bear arms against is that better than his threat?

You post some pretty biased stuff, Cedar, and you know it....and sure, it's your Blog and your opinion.

Just don't be surprised when you stir the crap only encourages the "crap-pots", so don't get all whiny about have to have tougher skin than that, you know that old have to be able to take it if you're going to dish it out....right?

Anonymous said...

Cedar... I like my dog a heck of a lot more than I like most people. Dogs, children, old people...some stuff is just off limits.

Cedar Posts said...

Anon 4:01 you got a pretty good point there.

I'm a pretty bad shot at more than 15 yards anyway and the "deck sweeper" I carry on the boat is only good at close range.

I need to start wearing my contacts more often.

Anonymous said...

Cedar: some of your stuff I like (mostly life stories), but alot of your material smacks of inuendo and gossip and makes me cringe. That being said, anyone who would threaten your dogs (or family or property) is a nut-job. Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

Awww boo hoo hoo poor bully can dish it out but can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Let me enlighten you folks a little..Talk is cheap. you can rant and rave all day long. I could care less. But remember this, once you cross that line and make an agressive move towards me, my family, my dogs, anything thats mine, hell will have no fury. It wont be the pale horse or the rider on him. It will be what comes afterwards.

Cedar is correct in his statement. Write all you want, but dont threaten.
If you cant handle the truth, dont read the website.

Anonymous said...

Do people really care what you have to say that much? I mean, I read your blog because I think its interesting and I enjoy seeing how angry everyone gets, but to be honest, at the end of the day, I dont know that I care what you have to say on the internet... Especially if its not about me. Feels a little bit like reading the tabloids at the grocery store. Seems like interesting stuff, but really it just gives me something to do when Im bored.

People just need to get a life. Some need mental help. These same people that are threatening you are the same douchers that would SCREAM about their first amendment rights if they were being obstructed in any way.

Id like to think that most people would probably be perfectly nice to your dogs. I love my dog more than I love actual people.