Friday, October 22, 2010

Alvin Greene At the South Carolina State Fair

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Long-shot U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene made a surprise campaign appearance in Columbia on Wednesday at the state fair -- right in the middle of a live WIS News 10 broadcast!

Anchor Ben Hoover, surrounded by a group of smiling children, was telling viewers about the fair's opening day specials, including $1 admission and $25 unlimited rides. As he spoke, a man in a green hat with an "A" on it and wearing a green T-shirt labeled "GREENE" pushed through the crowd to stand over Ben's left shoulder.

Unaware of his famous guest, Ben continued to talk about the fair's attractions while Greene smiled and waved at the camera. As Ben tossed the shot back to anchor Judi Gatson in the studio, Greene did something unthinkable for a serious Senate candidate, holding up two fingers behind Ben's head to give the award-winning journalist "bunny ears." Greene said on Thursday he was actually giving the victory sign.

Greene's actions left state Democratic Party Chairwoman Carol Fowler searching for an explanation. "He has no experience in running for office of course, and insisted in starting with one of the top offices," Fowler said. "But you know, on November 3 his 15 minutes of fame will be over."

Greene is trying to unseat Republican incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint after winning a surprise primary victory over Charleston politician Vic Rawl. The state Democratic Party has not supported Greene's campaign, and the party's booth at the state fair has no Greene campaign materials or literature. "Nobody believes that Alvin Greene is going to be elected to the United States Senate," said Fowler. "From the day after the primary, nobody has thought that Alvin Greene had the ability to be elected."


Anonymous said...

Cedar do you still want Alvin Greene to be elected?

I mean seriously the guy is a nut case, he had the IQ of a gnat.

Anonymous said...

WHY is he a nut case, because he acts like a kid, the others running for office these days are 100 times worse than him with their hate filled self-promoting ads. THEY are the ones that need to go!

At least Alvin is just being playful not hateful!!

Anon 5:34pm...I agree...I would vote for him too if I lived there!

Anonymous said...

Edited from 5:34PM

I'm voting for Alvin Greene.

I'm tired of the way things are going in Washington and while Greene may be an idiot and I'm pretty sure he's a few fries short of a happy meal,I'm going to give the guy his shot at Washington.

Really it can't get any worse, can it?

Anonymous said...

Alvin Greene is someone of limited intelligence that "people" have been taking advantage of.

I would like to know who those "people" are.....Good 'Ole Boys from the Good 'Ole Boy Network in SC.

It is really shameful and VERY UNCHRISTIANLIKE for these people to have taken advantage of him and to have set him up for failure. Of course, these are the biggest drum bangers for the "christians" and the wacky right.

You don't think it can get any worse? Be careful what you ask for.
(Have you totally forgotten the eight long years of Bush and what he did to this country, the constitution, the economy, etc., etc.?) He, too, was of limited intelligence.

Anonymous said...

What a silly negro!