Monday, November 29, 2010

CMPD Abu Ghraib Kitty Gate Employees Fired

If the coffee break rumors are true all 3 CMPD Animal Control employees have been fired nearly three months after the photo first caught the attention of animal rights supporters.

Let's hope this closes another sad chapter in Chief Monroe's command at Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

The cats had no comment.


Billy Fehr said...

Good work once again.

wv: logicton

Anonymous said...

Hope that is true they didn't deserve anything less, its just too bad it took the media and public outcry to get RuttMutt to do anything.

Anonymous said...

I think the Observer should do a photo shoot with these 3 idots. They should be sedated and posed eating out of cat bowls, playing with dead mice and clawing at a scratching posts.

I'd even start buying the Observer again.

Anonymous said...

Really? Those are the pictures?

Anonymous said...

These are the PG photos taken right before the cats where put down.

I know people just letting off steam, dealing with the stress of the job.

Total BS!

These are the same type of idiots who put down a vet's dog named Target by mistake a few weeks ago.

Good ridence!